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Digital LED Display Wax Dipping Pot

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    Digital LED Display Wax Dipping Pot

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  • Professional in dipping the wax. Easy to compare pre-set temperature and current temperature.

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Digital LED Display Wax Dipping Pot


1. Professional in dipping the wax
2. There is a effiective temperature-fixed adjustment, can set the temperature
3. Good at heat conduction and insulation
4. Easy to operate the dental wax dipping pot
5. Melting the wax quickly and keep them in liquid status
6. Equipped digital CPU circuit and set/keep temperature needed
7. Easy to compare pre-set temperature and current temperature
8. LED display heating automatically, LED will shut off when arriving temperature set
9. Easily recognize the specially situation because of accurate temperature sensor


Voltage: <A> 220v/50HZ ±10%, <B> 110v/60HZ±10%
Power: 60w
Temp Selection: 50-120, 122°F-248°F
Electricity insulation classification  II 


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