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Medical Binocular 3.5 X Loupe

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    Medical Binocular 3.5 X Loupe

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  • The 3.5X loupes provides a sharp clear image from edge to edge, better visualization.
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Dental Medical Binocular 3.5 X Loupe


1. The Dental Loupe has a working distance of 420mm and can Flip Up and Down.
2. The 3.5X loupes provides a sharp clear image from edge to edge, better visualization, reduced eyestrain enhanced field.
3. The loupe lenses are designed with exclusive coating technology that reduces most of the light reflection. This allows light through the loupe and provides the brightest image possible.
4. The design allows the user to make various adjustments to optimize the view.
5. The hinge of the loupe makes it easy to move the loupe out of the field of view, and individual left and right PD controls allow for precise locking adjustment and alignment of the optics.
6. They are designed specifically for Dental hygienist and Dental assistants but work well with any other application.

High quality with superior optics
Light, portable and easy to operate
Optical glass lenses
Magnification: 3.5x
Working distance: 420mm
Field of view: 60mm - 65mm
Mini screw driver included
Clean cloth included
Weight: 1lbs


Main glass x 1
Protect cups x 2
Inclusive cleaning cloth x 1
Screwdriver x 1
Flexible Headband x 1
Adjust Tool x 1




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