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SCIAN® MESH Nebulizer Machine NB-810B

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    SCIAN® MESH Nebulizer Machine NB-810B

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    Compact and fluent design
    Small enough for home use
    Take full advantage of medicine
    Transparent dosser for accessories storage
    One-button operation for easy use
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SCIAN® MESH Nebulizer Machine NB-810B


Nebulizers are often used by infants, children, people with severe asthma, or anyone else who may have trouble using other asthma treatments. It is a favored asthma treatment because it delivers the medication directly into the lungs so they are more effectively absorbed.

A nebulizer machine is also known as a “breathing treatment” or “breathing therapy.” A nebulizer can deliver both long-acting and short-acting asthma medications.



●Compact and fluent design
●Small enough for home use
●Take full advantage of medicine
●Transparent dosser for accessories storage
●One-button operation for easy use



1. Power Source: 2 * AA battery or adapter AC-DC 3V 1A
2. Power: 2w
3. Operating frequency: about 140kHz
4. Safety class: II Class B type equipment
5. atomization rate: ≥0.25ml / min
6. minimum / maximum liquid capacity: 8ml / 0.5ml
7. atomized particles: about 5um
8. Low Voltage Tip: 2.2v ± 0.2v
9. Atomizing head life: 180 hours
10. battery life: 2 AA alkaline batteries can be used continuously for 90 minutes
11. Automatic shutdown: No liquid automatic shutdown
12. Operating Temperature: + 10 ℃ - + 40 ℃, humidity ≤85%
13. Storage temperature: -10 ℃ - + 40 ℃, humidity ≤85%


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