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Family Environment Have Effect On Our Dental Health

In our mind, there is no certain relation between dental health and family problems. However, one report from American “Network Medical Doctor Website” said the more family conflicts like physical confrontations, verbal assault and so on, the more dental problems like tooth decay, missing teeth among family member was published on American Dental Association.

The new study, Dr. Michael Lorber and colleagues dental health and family environmental factors 135 pairs of married couples and their children were compared. Dental experts by oral examination to determine the participants were tooth decay, missing teeth or fillings number, and through questionnaires the participants parents and children's oral health. In the understanding of the situation of these families live together, the researchers found that, with the increase in spouse "bad behavior" levels, male and female participants who will average number of caries increased 5.3 and 3.5. If the mother of his father verbal or emotional assault, child dental caries will be an average increase of 1.9.
Dr.Lorber pointed out, the increasing family problems not only can destroy the dietary habits and oral hygiene habits, but have a effect on our immune system, then increasing the risk of dental caries. Dr. Jane Gillette as the spokesman of American Dental Association reminded we should create a good family environment and develop good oral hygiene habits like brushing teeth daily, cleaning your teeth with flossing. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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