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Four Kinds Of Food Can Cure Bad Breath Fast

Halitosis is one of most embarrassed things in our interpersonal interaction. Sometime it is acted as the most troublesome things. In fact, some foods can cure bad breath. Let’s have a look.

Number one is tea: University of Utah has done more research that green tea and black tea can kill bacteria in the mouth that can cause bad breath. Be careful, some people like to drink tea with sugar. But the sugar can weaken the function of tea polyphenols to kill the oral bacteria. Herbal tea also can remove the bad breath. It always be used in mouthwash.
Number two is Yogurt: Study has showed that people with halitosis can be free from the bad breath, if they drink the sugar-free yogurt. After six weeks, the symptoms will be improved. During the process, probiotics in yogurt play an important role. Vitamin D in yogurt also can kill the bacteria in stomach that can cause the bad breath. Meanwhile, Sugar yogurt’s killing bacteria effect will dropped significantly.
Number three is apple. Chewing as apple can remove the food debris on the surface of tooth in order to prevent bad breath. During chewing process, saliva secretion so full, it can clean our mouth environment.
Number four is oranges: New York University’s dental professionals have found that the more vitamin C intake, the more healthy teeth you will have. Eating oranges, oranges and other fruits are rich in Vitamin C, the bacteria can’t grow in the mouth. So that reduce the rate of having bad breath. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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