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Washing Mouth Twice Can Prevent Colds

From one survey, there are only 7% people with the oral hygiene of brushing teeth. Most of people not do teeth brushing until something plug in the teeth or smelly breath in the mouth. However, brushing teeth two times every day not enough, that because of the food residue stay in the mouth long term and ferment then bacteria will appear. It will stimulate the gums and erode the tooth. In addition, plaque has closer with some inner infection like chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer and other visceral diseases.

Therefore, both brushing teeth and washing teeth are important. The professor from Kyoto University filial care centers has found washing teeth twice every day not less than 15 minutes every time can prevent cold. Compared with those who don’t wash mouth, the rate of having cold will be lower. 
With no habit of Chinese people than mouthwash, gargle unambiguously the Japanese attach great importance to oral health. In Japan, kindergartens, companies and other public places, even at noon you can also see a lot of people brush their teeth. Flu season, part of Japan's television will appeal to people wash their hands after going to go home and gargle. Especially after the Ebola panic in the world, Japan's television stations began playing precautions, which emphasized the most is gargle wash their hands, and even ask the doctor to the scene to teach correct mouthwash: You must wash your hands before mouthwash ; must first cavity mouthwash, and then rinse the throat, if the order is wrong, but will the bacteria in the mouth to the throat, causing infection; mouthwash chamber should be water in your mouth, back teeth clenched, muscles use cheeks water through the teeth and oral cavity, repeated 2 or 3 times; the best sound emitted when the throat rinse and let the water as much as possible to reach the depths of the throat, the same was repeated 2-3 times.
Dental expert suggest use 35 temperature warm water to wash mouth. It can avoid stimulation and reduce the risk of having pulpitis. If you suffer from like periodontitis and other oral diseases, we can use salt water to wash mouth or use mouthwash under the guidance of dentists. During your daily life, you can use tea to wash mouth because tea with high fluorine content. It can promote remineralization so that prevent tooth decay. And more tea polyphenols has the character of remove freeradical meanwhile it can stop mutans streptococcus growth. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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