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Those Teeth Whitening Effective Tips Can Make You Like A Focus

Sometimes we will ask ourselves what are the best teeth whitening tips. From one reports from American Dental Association best and effective teeth whitening tips can be found in our daily life. Following those tips, your teeth will become whiter.



Eating more celery and other coarse-fibred foods

Like leeks, celery and other coarse-fiber foods can whiten our teeth well. The reason is simply that when we chew the coarse-fibred foods, there will appear friction between teeth and food, it can clean the food residue on the teeth and bacteria on the surface of the teeth. The tooth decay can be prevented by this.
Eating foods that are rich in vitamins
Eating some vitamin-rich foods like tomatoes, spinach and so on can whiten the teeth. One of the main nutrients of protecting the teeth is vitamin C. If our body lack of vitamin C, all kinds of gum problems will appear such as loosen teeth, gum hyperemia.
Eating foods that are rich in calcium
That is the most common knowledge of teeth whitening. Without the calcium, the health condition of teeth will become worse. During our daily life, we can eating more foods that are rich in calcium in order to make our teeth more brighter. Dairy products, soy foods are rich in calcium, such as milk, cheese and so on. Cheese is not only a good source of calcium, and the pH of the mouth of the cheese can be balanced calcium and phosphate, thereby reducing oral bacteria breeding activities, prevent tooth decay, can also increase calcium, so that the teeth more robust.
Drinking green tea
Green tea is rich in fluoride. Teeth whitening and teeth strengthening are necessaries. Most of toothpastes include this substance. Fluoride and tooth apatite can be combined, and then play the role of antacid moth. And green tea is rich in fluorine in addition, you can also achieve fresh breath effect.
Eating more food like ginger and garlic
For some people, they think this method really embarrassing because those foods can produce unsavory flavor when we eat them, but those foods are rich in some substances that can kill the bacteria effectively, Eating more, getting more whiter teeth. Eating the uncooked raw onions or garlic can kill streptococcus mutans that can cause the tooth decay. In addition, like mustard and other foods can kill bacteria and protect our teeth. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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