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Without One Tooth, Gum Health Will One Dream

Due to out-side damage, tooth decay, senescence and so on, many of us have tooth loss problem. Some of those people ignore this problem unless the front teeth loss. In fact, if you don’t care about this problem, that will be harmful for your mouth.

Adjacent teeth tilting, redundant tooth loss are two most common tooth missing problem. One teeth loss in whole series, the alveolar bone will atrophy to some degree. The sideward teeth will be free from restriction and self-dependence, they will begin to atrophy. The remaining teeth will undertake exceed bite force. That will damage the alveolar bone. As time passing, the remaining teeth be loosen and fall off.
Un-controlled growth of teeth may cause teeth blockage. On the other side of the missing teeth, teeth will have the problems of occlusion disorder because overgrowth without vertical pressure. That is not only be harmful for the future dental restoration, but increase the food impaction. If this situation not be changed in time, local periodontal tissue will be destroyed and causes inflammation. To be more worse, periodontitis will appear. The reflection include gingival recession, abscesses and bad breath. Seya will increase the total local dental caries, making it easier for food impaction, creating a vicious cycle.   
If we don’t pay more attention to this problem, the situation will become worse and more and more dental problems will appear. Like front teeth loss, that have effect on your talking, commonly known as “talk leakage” and your communication activities. If missing teeth are more likely due to the loss of support cheek and inward depression, facial wrinkles and more deepened nasolabial fold, mouth sag, showing a clear old state. Maintain normal frequency of chewing helps maintain brain activity, if not promptly after the elderly edentulous bordered, may accelerate the degradation of brain function.
So once teeth lost, we must repair it as soon as possible. Don’t delay! There are three methods of repairing missing teeth. Choose the best and most suitable one according to it’s advantages and disadvantages. First method is dentures. Those are cheap but must be cleaned everyday; Second method is porcelain teeth, you need to grind the teeth of two sides. Don’t need to put off it and clean it. Last one is dental implants. No damage for the adjacent teeth with higher success rate. But it is expensive. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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