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How To Create Incomparable Beautiful Teeth?

We always are attracted by one beautiful smile with white teeth. But we all fell shamed about the crooked teeth, the yellow teeth. Those make our smile don’t beautiful like before. Abnormal teeth arrangement not only effect the look but also effect gum function, health and facial growth even effect overall health.

In order to get one beautiful smile, you need to overcome many difficulties like bearing the pain during orthodontic treatment and teeth loosen. During this period, you must care about the orthodontic appliance maintenance and daily oral hygiene. One orthodontic treatment need the corporation between patient and dentists. You must follow the dentist’s suggestion and go to visit dentists regularly. Today, there has other choices like ceramic braces and invisible lingual appliance technology, you don’t worry about to be “steel teeth sister”. Orthodontic treatment with time limit, in general, the best time to get orthodontic treatment in childhood. For adult, orthodontic treatment seem too difficult to accomplish.  
The normal teeth have those characters include smooth surface, no defects coherent shape, normal size. The reasons that cause the tooth shape changing, tooth body impairment include congenital abnormalities, drugs, trauma, etc. Dental caries is the mine factor.
Tooth has three layers are enamel, dentin, pulp from outside to inside. The color of the health enamel is semi-translucent, the dentin is non transparent. The color of the teeth is similar with the color of the dentin. The normal color of dentin is light yellow. So the color of teeth is light yellow.
These three structures occur in any biological reason and pathological changes, such as dental caries, endogenous and exogenous colored pulp disease, tooth structure abnormalities, etc., will change the color of the teeth. Depending on the etiology, degree of discoloration and is associated with the shape defect, etc., there are many different tooth whitening method.
Teeth polishing: Using ultrasonic scaler, blasting to remove pigmentation on the tooth surface and restore the natural look of teeth. The pigmentation caused by out-side factors include food, drug, drinking and cigarettes. Cleaning teeth regularly every year clear mouth health corner, that is good for dental health.
Bleaching: It divided into inner bleaching and outer bleaching with hydrogen peroxide bleaching agent to whiten the teeth. While placing the drug may also be added to increase the auxiliary decolorization irradiated with laser light, infrared radiation, cold light irradiation method. Common whitening paste, whitening bleach belong. Bleaching is aimed primarily due to disease or the influence of drugs, endogenous coloring teeth caused by internal structural abnormalities, such as mild to moderate dental fluorosis, tetracycline, discolored dead dental pulp. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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