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What Are The Plaque And Calculus?

The main purpose of teeth cleaning is using ultrasonic scaler to loosen the calculus and tartar on the tooth surface, then removing the plaque and tartar by atomized flow in order to prevent the periodontal diseases. But what are the calculus and tartar? How it does affect our teeth?


Tartar is made from food debris, oral mucosal epithelial shedding, saliva mixing and mucus deposited and so on. Tartar be more soft. It can be removed by teeth brushing.
Dental calculus is made from mineralized plaque and other deposits on the teeth surface. It is so hard and attached to teeth very tight. General teeth brushing process can not remove it. To the gingival margin for the sector, under the subgingival tooth can be divided into two parts and gingival, calculus attached to the tooth surface, and thus into subgingival calculus and subgingival calculus.
There has closer relationship between tartar, calculus and periodontal diseases. Calculus can provide a good places for plaque attaching and bacteria growth. Calculus can absorb so much bacterial toxins that irritate the soft tissue, gingival edema and cause bleeding teeth when teeth brushing.
If gingival inflammation deep tissue continues to develop, it will cause spontaneous bleeding gums and bad breath. With the destruction of the alveolar bone, loose teeth will shift, inability to chew.
Plaque and tartar are the mine factors of periodontal diseases. So keeping mouth clean is the key of prevent periodontal diseases. For those un-removed plaque and calculus, you can go to visit dentists and ask for help. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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