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Cristiano Ronaldo Also Care About His Smile Except Football

No matter when we can see attractive smile on the Cristiano Ronaldo’s face. Thousands of fans have been attracted by his attractive smile. We all want to have the sparkling smile like his. According to the report “Pravda “ in Spain, the perfect teeth as one of artist works of one personal dentist, and more the cost of each tooth has reached at 700 euros.



As one glamorous person, he paid more attention to his appearance no matter where he go. Except the famous watches and fashion, he always spend so much time on his tooth. According to the media’s report in Spain, he had gotten one dental corrective surgery from his private dentists. The cost of one-time real Madrid ace is 6000 euros not include aftercare maintenance cost. The result seem so perfect.
In addition to corrective surgery outside, C Luo also received a product called "gum line symmetry plastic" surgery, according to a dentist Miguel Stanley said that this surgery can "make people's jaws bite down firmer look also more beautiful. But the price is pretty high price, according to Stanley revealed that surgical precision to spend quite a lot of money each tooth, each tooth must price 100-200 euros. has been "not bad money" C Romania is chosen for themselves the most advanced materials, cost of each tooth is a staggering 550-700 euros seen for themselves, "that smile style", C Lo is really under the feet of the capital.
It is said that he had invite his personal dentists to Madrid and do one new dental veneers surgery before this Golden Globes in order to make him more attractive and confident. This dentist always get warm welcome from Cristiano Ronaldo. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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