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British Dental Health Foundation Introduction

 At the British Dental Health Foundation, we understand the importance of a healthy mouth. That's why we continue to provide expert, independent and impartial advice on all aspects of oral health.This one of most popular gropus in England focus on public dental health. The role can not be replaced.


Our "Tell Me About" range of oral health information is the most widely read of its kind in the world. All the information here is Plain English Approved, in a simply Q&A format and produced and reviewed by qualified dental professionals.
The Foundation evaluates consumer oral health care products to ensure that manufacturers' product claims are clinically proven and not exaggerated. An independent panel of internationally recognised dental experts study all the claims carefully to make sure they are true, and backed up by reliable scientific evidence.
Currently there are over 150 approved products on sale in 80 countries around the world. Look out for products that carry the British Dental Health Foundation, International Health Care or International Dental Health Foundation 'Approved' logo.
Dental products like ultrasonic scaler may be commodities that find their way into everybody's shopping trolley, but a new survey by the Foundation has found that only a quarter of people understands what ingredients they are made from and their purpose. The same survey also revealed that almost three quarters of people did not always believe the product claims made on dental products.
When you glance down the ingredients list of a typical toothpaste or other dental equipment uk it is easy to see why people may have some difficulties. Even common ingredients like water may sometimes be described in terms that not everyone will understand such as ‘aqua'.
As a result, the Foundation has decided to publish a glossary of common ingredients and their purposes, to help educate and inform consumers. With a long track record of educating the public on all aspects of oral health issues, we hope the new glossary of common ingredients will help more people to make an informed choice about which products to buy and how it can help their oral health. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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