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Buyers Guide: Dental Curing Lights - By dentalplaza

The most popular curing lights today are now using LED technology. This allows the lights to run on a battery charge which eliminates the need for a cord and provides greater freedom of movement while you are working. Because the LED’s are small, the lights themselves have slimmed down, and these sleeker designs make them more comfortable to hold. Even better, LED lights operate with far less heat than their halogen predecessors, and therefore they run cool and whisper quiet in your operatory.

What is LED Curing Light?
LED Curing Lights: As the dental industry moves more and more toward adhesive dentistry, a LED dental curing light is becoming one of the most used pieces of equipment in your operatory. Compared to traditional halogen curing lights, they most often come cordless and are completely quiet. These LED curing lights boast powerful output, and come with a variety of time settings, handle styles and curing tips. 
Halogen lights were the most popular curing option for years, and they’ve proven themselves to be a reliable part of the treatment room. However, the problem with halogen dental curing lights is that they ran hot, and required a noisy fan to cool them down. They also required a large gun configuration, and needed a cord to the base station in order to work.
What is Halogen Curing Light?
Dental halogen curing lights are widely used in dental practices. Halogen lights provide a blue light between 400-500 nm that is able to cure a variety of dental restorative materials. Dental halogen curing lights can become very hot, so they include a fan to cool the bulb. This can lead to frequent halogen bulb replacements. Dental halogen curing lights should have a variety of tips sizes available for different curing procedures.
Curing – The toughening or hardening of a polymer by cross linking of polymer chains often encouraged by an outside stimulus.
Halogen Light – An incandescent light that combines a halogen gas with a tungsten filament.
LED (Light Emitting Diode) – A semiconductor-based light source that can be small and powerful with little excess heat generation.
Photoinitiator – A chemical compound that decomposes into free radicals when exposed to light and thus helps spur chemical reactions such as curing of a dental material.
Wavelength – A measurement of the distance over which a shape repeats. In the case of light different colors of light, both visible and invisible, correspond to different wavelengths.
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