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What will the dental practice & office of the future look like?

The dental industry is in a state of flux as changes in populations and technologies impact the daily operations of the dental practice.  Yet new opportunities continually arise from this industry evolution, and those who are prepared to embrace the inevitable changes will lay a solid foundation for ongoing success.

The digital revolution makes itself felt at all levels of the oral sector. In the future, when you visit the dental office, it will be ... different. 

Following are several factors that will have a significant impact on dentistry into the future.
New developments in dental technology
The 3D imaging based diagnostics
You suffer, can not chew anything and can not stand that grinds you to see where the molars decay actually is. Now the Practitioner exam will require a 3D imaging of the diseased tooth. "It is essential for the detection of diseases," says Paul Cattaneo, referent of new technologies for the ADF. Implantology, radio allows a trip to the patient's anatomical structures and helps to see where the dental nerve is located. Some practitioners are executing direct printing prostheses with a 3D printer.
Pen camera to improve the optical impression
The taste in the mouth of the plaster will be soon obsolete. To create a prosthesis, the technique of another age is gradually replaced by an optical impression by mini-camera, the size of a pen. It is walked on the tooth by the practitioner then it transmits a file to the dental laboratory to produce a crown in an optimized time.
Teeth treated through stem cells
One day, perhaps, the patient will be its own "donor" image Dr. Cattaneo. The problem arises when caries attack enamel and pulp of the tooth. It is then the devitalized, which means "fragile". The idea is to implant in the tooth stem cells so that it resumes its growth. This experience is already applied to the rat now, but not in humans. However, periodontics, regenerate the gum and bone is a practice known for several years.
Changing demographics
The dental patient populace has been growing steadily for several years due to the substantial size of the up-and-coming Millennial generation and increasing immigrant populations in various areas of the country.  This changing demographic profile creates mounting pressure for multicultural dental environments, presenting a significant opportunity for dentists who can effectively address language barriers and dental education issues.
New focus for dental teams
Throughout the history of modern dentistry, practitioners learned certain procedures and methodologies in dental school and applied them during the entire course of their careers.  The practice was focused on perfecting performance and not involved in revolutionizing the procedure itself. 
Salivary balance further
By a simple saliva sample, the dentist can develop a wide range of infections or diseases, which the patient suffers. It can quickly determine the amount of bacteria in the mouth and set the ROI, the individual caries risk. Saliva is an offshoot of the plasma, it can avoid another consultation for a blood test.
Less invasive care
No more strawberries or castors noise paralyzes you from the waiting room. Place the "blasting air abrasion" on "sono abrasion" and lasers. Technical terms less invasive care characteristics. Dentistry gentle, hygienic, where it favors the use of pressurized air, sonic vibrations, scalpels or lasers, particularly effective for treating caries. Furthermore, the famous chair spittoon tends to disappear. Again for hygiene and contamination reasons.
In summary
This is truly a thrilling time to practice dentistry, as ideas about what’s possible within the practice are fundamentally changing. Transformations in dentistry spearheaded by advanced digital technologies and fluctuating demographics are creating new opportunities to evolve the patient experience along with the practice. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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