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Dental Equipment-Dental Handpiece

The dental handpiece is one of the most commonly used and essential devices found in the dental office. Cavity preparation, tooth preparation for esthetic and prosthodontic procedures, polishing and prophylaxis, implant site preparation and placement—along with a multitude of other procedures—could not be efficiently accomplished without this essential item. This course will discuss the principles of using dental handpiece and it's daily maintenance.

Some most advanced and latest dental handpiece are widely used in dental surgeries and we can find in the market. In most cares, dental handpiece is classified as two categories.
I,Dental highspeed handpiece:
High Speed Dental Handpiece can rotate at up to 400,000 rpm, and generally use hard metal alloy bits known as burrs. Low Speed Handpiece is operated by an inbuilt motor and their speed is around 80,000 rpm.Now most of dental handpiece dentists use belong to this type.
II,Dental low speed handpiece:
As the development of dental handpiece technology, low speed dental handpiece seem not so important like before. Due to the function difference,Low speed ones have withdrawn out the market.
I,Air-Driven Handpiece:
From literal meaning, the driving force is air.Air-Driven High-Speed Handpieces contain air-driven turbine inside. This generates the rotational motion of the dental handpiece.  
II,Electric Handpiece:
Electric Handpiece contains an electric motor driving the handpiece. An electric handpiece consists of an entire system. Electirc dental handpiece with advantages of safe, convenient and easy-to-handle.
And more, dental handpiece maintenance also important. How to extend the life of dental handpiece should be the first concern of everyone dentists.Some dental handpiece maintenance tips you should know.
Some handpieces basically pull off, and others require to be twisted. Remove the sharp bur and dispose it or prepare for sterilization. Place in the autoclave. You may need to keep in mind that you need to tidy your handpiece before autoclaving to remove any organic material that might corrode your handpiece. Also don't forget the fiber optics as organic & other material can attach to the lens in the work of autoclaving & reduce function. A soft bristle brush & warm water is all you need. It is not advised to make use of detergents or soaps as they can destroy the optics. Soap can also get in to the bearings & weaken the lubrication reducing the life of your dental handpiece repair. When the autoclave is full, run as directed. Put on tidy gloves or dental ultrasonic cleaner and remove the handpiece from the dental autoclave when the cycle is over. Except dental handpiece, you can find more latest dental equipment from dentalplaza as well. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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