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Choose a compressor for your practice

The use of compressors forced to submit regular equipment control operations. The practitioner is obliged to constantly maintain equipment in good condition and to make proper checks as often as necessary. The practitioner liable for damage vis-à-vis persons or property.

To start, we will immediately say that it is not reasonable for reasons of hygiene, efficiency and safety, make today the acquisition of a lubricated compressor (oil) or that did not include drying system (dryer).
Why? Just because you are a health professional!
That air with oil traces, would not good adhesions of your composite, it also will damage your equipment ... that the moisture-laden air, can only carry germs and corrode many technical bodies, your equipment, but also the compressor itself. The above photo shows the inside of a compressor tank rusted, with the risk of explosion!
You should know that in our latitudes, the air is laden with moisture, we have about 40 to 60% humidity in the air in France. This means that your compressor you "give" a small glass of water a day, at room temperature or even a glass of water, if it is in an unventilated closet. In addition, the air compressed by the compressor piston, comes to about 80 ° C of the cylinder prior to entry into the vessel, which means that if we do not have a cooling and drying system between cylinder (s) and tank, it will be in it in hot, humid conditions. Everything you need for "good crop" of germs. This does not seem consistent with the surgery!
Dental Air Compressors must be submitted to:
A declaration of commissioning. This is a statement of compliance with the requirements for the installation and operation of pressure vessels. It takes place before the commissioning, following a repair or modification notables. The statement is made with the DRIRE.
Commissioning a control. He completed the commissioning of reporting and aims to enable authorized agencies to ensure that the installation and operating conditions are met. It is done on request of the operator to a body authorized to perform these checks (see list of organizations).
The periodic inspection. It is carried out under the responsibility of the operator. Its objective is to verify that the condition of the pressure vessel allows it to be kept in service with a security level consistent with the expected operating conditions. It features an outdoor verification: verification of safety accessories. For vessels and steam generators, it is complemented by an internal audit. It is performed by a person qualified to recognize defects and to assess the gravity. The periodic inspection must take into account the recommendations of the manufacturer's instruction manual. Frequency: every forty months.
Periodic requalification. It is performed by an authorized body (DRIRE), a recognized inspection service or retraining center. It is carried out following a new installation and a change of operator. It includes the inspection of equipment, the hydraulic test and the check of the safety devices. It is imposed and sanctioned by affixing a stamp horse head.
Also, when choosing a compressor, you must calculate the use in the future!
Today, if you sit with a chair, you will opt for ... often what you offer the seller of the chair, and given the overall investment, rather a compressor 1 post. But by 1 or 2 years, you may'll add a second seat, or cleaning and maintenance system for rotary instruments ...
The compressor will be taken into account it to you at the time? This is unlikely, as slightly better than having to reinvest anticipate a period when the material has not yet been amortized.
Be aware that a device requires about 50 L / min to 5 bar (consumer sales for the compressor flow calculation) In general, we arrive at a pressure of about 4.5 to 5 bars on the box connection of the equipment. So, count 50 L / min at 5 bar! per seat (where someone works) If you are alone, you can have five seats and a compressor 1 post! For it is the practitioner to work which consume the air, and not a device in place. But it's not just the equipment that consumes air, a system like Turbocid Micro-Mega, for example, as much in demand as it also rotates instruments.
To function properly, a compressor should be well ventilated, so see if yours is not stifled by a lot of things that have come work with him over the years.
It is imperative to provide a fresh air inlet (down) and hot air outlet (in high position and diametrically opposed, if possible) It is important to remember that a compressor is a real radiator. The heater, (about 1 KW) and cylinders as well.
Then consider the sound level for your patients, your assitants and yourself, then you should take air compressor with Silent Cabinet, like this one:
When we have the opportunity to practice in a specific building, it is possible to expatriate noisy equipment (compressors / Suction) opposite its exercise area. But when you exercise in a building downtown, you have to do with the surface! If the firm is on the ground floor, it is better to put it in the basement. I have personally installed large firms, even the third floor, with cellar compressors. Just in this case to a compressor shutdown command with an indicator light on the floor, to stop the compressor at the end of workday.
But there are cases where this is not possible, then the rest soundproofing solution. And not to put the compressor in a closet to muffle the noise (with compressor)
In my case, I highly recommend the solution of the soundproof enclosure, ventilated, specifically designed for the compressor model.
Be aware that a dry air compressor single or 2 positions at a noise level of 70 dB (comparable level at a noisy street) .
If you opt for the compressor with its soundproofing shell, you will decrease the noise of about 10 dB, which will take you to a tolerable noise, loud conversation kind, television) But if you opt for the specific cabinet, you get about 20 dB (dB = decibels) less, or the noise level of a normal conversation or ambient office noise.
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