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MINI dental implants guide

In very many cases, missing teeth are replaced by removable dentures. However, removable dentures can cause problems themselves. Obviously, a removable denture means that you cannot eat certain types of food. It also means that, over time as the shape of your bite or jaw changes with age, it will fit less well. This can cause discomfort and irritation of the gums, as food will regularly become trapped around it.

What is MINI dental implants?
Mini implants are made from titanium alloy and are strong as a normal sized implant. They also fuse well with the jawbone. Mini Dental implants are ultra-small diametter (1.8 millimeter width), biocompatible titanium alloy implant screws, conceived and developed over 20 years ago by Manhattan dentist, Victor I. Sendax, DDS. Dr. Sendax originally created the unique design of this innovative dental product as transitional device to help support fixed bridge relacement for missing teeth. His novel theory was that mini implants could function free standing by themselves or in combination with natural tooth supports and/or larger conventional type implants. This was a revolutionary concept in dental science. 
Who would choose a mini implant?
They are often chosen by patients who cannot afford the cost of a full sized implant or are unsuitable for a conventional implant. They are also a good option for older patients who have been refused implants on account of poor health.
What type of surgery is involved?
A single, minimally invasive surgery is needed for insertion of the MDI mini implants. They are then put into immediate biting or "loading" function thanks to their "self-tapping" design, thereby anchoring a fixed bridge system. As a result, it is often possible to provide the complete mini implant service in a single office visit.
Treatment for MINI dental implants?
The treatment process for mini dental implants is much less painful and has a much faster healing time than conventional implants. The dentist simply has to place a few small anchor points into the jawbone. These anchor points are no bigger that the width of a toothpick and they hold the false tooth securely in place.

When can they be used?
When critically needed for support purposes, and where solid bony adaptation (integration) has clearly occurred, mini implants can function as long-term supporting structures rather than as short-term or medium term devices. In fact, some have been successfully functioning in patients' jaws for several decades. Further, they're particularly effective in crown and bridge applications, as well as single-tooth replacements.

How do I place & remove my dentures?
The Mini Dental Implants and O-ring fixture must be clean and free from debris. Grasp the denture with both hands and lightly seat the denture, feeling that the O-rings are resting above the ball head of the implants, then press down firmly and equally on both sides. Make sure that you feel the implant heads easily fitting each O-ring. You will feel the denture snap into place. If you have trouble seating your denture, first make sure the implants and your denture are absolutely clean. Secondly, make sure that you push downward equally on both sides. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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