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Modern Dentistry- No Myths As One Plain Paper

For years myths about dental procedures have been mixed with facts. Consequently, many people are still afraid to see a dentist because of fear, misinformation or ignorance. This list of false myths are to help you overcome your fear of the dentist and help you maintain the correct dental habits.

Dental treatment is always painful
This is easily the most common reason why many people put off visiting the dentist. This is generally due to misinformation and is easy to get over. Dentists for years have been advancing in pain management techniques which will ensure that the patient is as comfortable as possible. Even after years of not visiting the dentist, you can still have a pain free treatment.
Dental X-rays are dangerous
The truth is that you are continually being exposed to more radiation everyday than you would in one single visit to the dentist. Besides, dental X rays are one of the ways you dentists detect potentially problematic tissues before they become severe problems. Diagnosing a problem before it is severe will save you lots of pain and discomfort in the future. This is simply because the treatment is normally less intense.
Truth One:Wall Mounted Dental X-ray Unit JYF-10A        
Dental X Rays Are Safe And Friendly
1. System intraoral radiography: 60KV high frequency, the exposure time is 0.02 to 4 seconds.
2. With a high frequency technology, the unit ensures consistent exposure settings and emission of radiation of high quality.
3. Model with wall arm that allows the flowing and balanced movements.
4. The safety of your patients is ensured through the HF international technology which can significantly reduce the doses of X-rays, radiation leak is less than 0.025 mGy / h.
5. The X-ray tube is 60KV, 8mA, 42kHz, and the high frequency X-ray unit is not affected by the power supply, and it does not produce rayonsoft or discrete radius, so Dommange for patients and doctors is very small due to automatic measures of protection.
6. And with its efficiency, diagnosis dentists is more convenient and faster.
7. 0434 CE certificate and ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003.
Technical Specifications
1. Supply voltage: 220 VAC, 50Hz
2. X-ray tube: 60KV, 8mA
3. Frequency: 42kHz
4. Exposure time: 0,02 to 4 seconds
5. Household size: 0.8 mm
6. Radiation leakage: Less than 0.025 mGy / h
7. Weight: 45 kg
8. Dimension: 110 * 41 * 45cm
Packing List
 1. Main unit x 1
2. Support x 1
3. Manual x 1
Root Canal treatment hurts and requires a number of treatments
This myth is as a result of the reputation dentist in the old days acquired due to lack of better methods. Today's procedures have advanced a lot since those times. Today a root canal treatment is relatively quick and virtually painless.
A root canal is painful. This common myth has its roots from ancient days where the procedure was done using non-advanced methods unlike today. This has been highlighted by the American Association of Endodontists. The administration of general anesthesia will numb the area and the procedure will be painless; it was for me.
Another common myth is that a root canal treatment can cause illness such as arthritis, heart and kidney disease. Research has shown this NOT to be the case. This myth has sprouted from research done almost 100 years ago by Dr. Weston Price. In his research of 1910 to 1930, Dr. Price claimed that illness can emanate from the procedure due to infections. His claims have been refuted by modern research because there is no medical evidence to prove the same.
Do you think your dentist will be completely appalled by the level of grossness in your mouth? Dentists don't think their patients are gross and they have seen tons of open mouths. It is likely that your mouth looks very similar to other mouths. Dentists care about their patients and do all they can to make your mouth look great. Even if your mouth was in bad condition, the dentist's thoughts would be focused on corrections rather than getting grossed out. Dentists are professionals much like surgeons. Would a surgeon run away from an operating table because what they see is gross?
The most popular myth involves fear of pain. Some people avoid the dentist because they believe their appointment will be filled with pain and misery. Modern technology ensures dental visits are more than bearable. All people are different in regard to levels of discomfort, but most methods and procedures are painless. Most instances of discomfort are short lived and dentists do all they can (including distraction techniques) to take your mind away from the brief occurrences.
Dentists want to help you have a great smile, but you must visit them to get their help. Don't believe in the silly myths associated with a visit to the dentist. Replace negative associations of the dentist with positive ones. For instance, every time you look in the mirror and smile, think of your dentist and their help. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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