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Basic Dental Equipment Used in Clinic


The instruments used are usually the cause of fears. To calm anxieties, it is important to understand how the dental office and know the practitioner's goals in order not to flee the mere mention of this profession whose sole purpose is the health of the teeth.

Disinfection and Sterilization
As in any medical office, that of the dentist has a waiting room, a treatment room, plus a room dedicated to sterilization.
It contains an ultrasonic bath to cleanse and remove any residue on the instruments between patients.
The decontamination process ends in an autoclave, a kind of furnace, the high heat eliminates bacteria and viruses.
The chair, workplace
The key point is the chair of the treatment room. A turntable, called unit, there is attached, which exhibits various rotary instruments:
- Turbine and cons-angle (the angle is against mechanized tool the dentist holds in his hand) red ring tear the tooth enamel to make it accessible decay. The angle against blue ring allows the removal of soft tissues, that is to say of caries.
- An angle against endodontic removes the pulp of its channel (when the tooth is too damaged, it must be devitalized).
- The syringe water and air can either rinse or dry the teeth.
- The prophylaxis device emits a mixture of bicarbonate, water and air. It is a small "karcher" that cleans and removes stains external teeth.
- Ultrasound is meanwhile a tartar stripper. Very effective, it is absolutely not damage teeth.
The practitioner also has a lamp for curing composites when restoring decayed teeth.
All these instruments are arranged on the unit constantly available to the dentist because the tray can be set in all positions following those of the chair.
Advanced technology teeth service
When implant placement, the practitioner has a micromotor implantology for controlling the speed of rotation for the introduction of the implant.
An x-ray machine is also used by the dentist to analyze the structure of the jaw or on silver film directly on a computer.
Some firms now have the opportunity to make panoramic radiographs to avoid recourse to the radiologist.
The advances have spread in all surgeries, the dentist is no exception.
The management of his firm entirely by computer: patient records, appointments, inventory management products and instruments ...
It also has a remote transmission unit of care leaves with the vital card in order to facilitate the reimbursement of care. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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