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Tips for Selecting Intra oral Camera


Intraoral Camera- whether digital or film - are widely used in dental practices to take clinical photographs both inside and outside the mouth.Patients do not always accept treatment they cannot understand, but an intraoral camera allows them to see what you see. With the right digital camera accessories such as close-up lenses and a ringlight system, it is possible to transform a personal digital camera into a clinical tool for capturing accurate intraoral and extraoral photographs.

But how to selecting a right intra oral camera? Here are some tips:
Be sure your hand fits comfortably on the camera while using it.  Hold it like a high-speed hand piece, and maneuver it as you would during an exam.  If your hand fatigue exists after a short period, the hand piece may be too narrow, forcing you to squeeze rather than lightly grasping.
Test handle-mounted freeze buttons to ensure easy operation and adequate capture speeds. This feature replaces foot controls to freeze an image, but pressing the button with your index finger causes movement at the tip of the instrument.  Movement causes blurred images in units with inadequate capture speeds. Try this for yourself.
Ensure that image artifacts (tiny colored spots surrounding shiny areas of the image) are kept to a minimum. These artifacts are illusive and can make images appear sharper than they really are. These colored spots can be annoying over time and may lead to mis-diagnosis.
Rate the image quality and ease of use in its intended environment…in-office and on your patients. Allow your staffs involvement in the decision making process. They will be using the product as much, if not, more than the dentist.
Questions to Ask

What type of connection does the intraoral camera have?
Does it work with my existing software, or is there a software bridge that can be used?
How does it feel in my hand? Consider the weight
Is the capture button placement easy to reach and press?
What type of focus (manual vs. auto) does the camera have, and will that fit the needs of my practice?
Will I use this just for intraoral images, or do I need a camera capable of extraoral capture?
What is the warranty period?
Using an intra oral camera will help you in finding the right path where you need to do treatment. It could assist you in the process of diagnosing teeth problems, so you can treat them properly, and at the soonest time possible. With the intra-oral camera, your job will run well, and you can provide the best dental services for your patients.
Here dentalplaza suggest you the very valued intra oral camera: 
DB-138 Wireless Portable Intra Oral Lighting System Rechargeable
1. Wireless & rechargeable illumination solution for oral examination
2. Designed for optimal patient comfort
3. Biteblock helps patients to comfortably open month
4. Protects the patient’s tongue while optimizing and illuminating intraoral workspace
5. Secures and opens valuable space inside a patient’s month
6. Inregrated suction maintains a clear space for easy examination
7. Autocalvable biteblocks,TIPS and suction Kit
8. Functions: lighting, mouth opening, tougue protection, suctioning function for securing
9. 3 different intensity led light
Model: DB138 portable intraoral dental light 
Input: AC100 - 240VAC
Output: DC 5V / 1A
Battery charging time: 1 hours / consecutive use after battery charging 1 hours    
LED luminance: over 5000 lux
Storage temperature: -20C - 70C
Operationg temperature: -10C - 40C
Humidity: 10% - 80%
Color temperature: 5500K
Luminosity with wihite color light: High - 6000K, Medium - 2000K, Low - 1000K
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