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Buyer Guide - Ultrasonic Cleaner As Advanced Dental Solution

Some of the greatest technology advancements we have seen in the last decade have come in the area of cleaning solutions. In modern dentistry, regular dental tools or equipment cleaning seem so important.It is good for dentists's daily dental care practice.


Ultrasonic cleaners are more commonly used in jewelry, medical and dental cleaning situations - frequently but less often in the automotive industry. The reason ultrasonics technology is used so often in these industries comes from the ease with which ultrasonics sanitize delicate items and parts typically described as "hard to clean."Ultrasonic cleaners with some advantages like convenient, high effective and no risk.
Some quick facts on ultrasonic cleaning systems:
- In the process of ultrasonic cleaning, sonic waves and cleaning chemicals are combined. 
- Depending on the item needing cleaned, ultrasonic cleaners come in a variety of sizes. 
- The four primary components of the best ultrasonic cleaners are chemistry, temperature, dwell time, and mechanical energy. 
- Ultrasonic cleaning machines typically include cleaning tanks, a cleaning bath, baskets, transducers, filters, and a control panel. 
- In table top ultrasonic cleaning environments, eco-friendly chemicals should be used to avoid surface damage.
Some latest ultrasoni cleaner display:
1. Frequency control, degasification control
2. Power control, all function LCD shows
Dimensions of the interior slot: 300×240×150mm
Frequency: 25/45 kHz(control)
Ultrasonic Power: 300W
Range of temp: 20~80℃
Adjustable Time: 1-60 minutes

Dimensions of the interior slot: 300×155×100mm
Capacity: 4L Frequency: 40 kHz
Ultrasonic Power: 180W
Range of temp: 20~80℃
Adjustable Time: 1-60 minutes
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