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Buyer Guide - Advanced Dental Scaler Exist Here

In modern dentistry, we can choose all kinds of teeth whitening technologies to clean our teeth like teeth whitening machine, ultrasonic scaler and so on. Today ultrasonic scaler play an important role in teeth cleaning process. It seem more important and useful than other teeth cleaning technologies.

A dental scaler is a device that removes unpleasant stains, plaque and bacterial debris located on and between the teeth, along the gum lines, on both the front and backside of the teeth. This instrument is used to keep most of the bacteria off your teeth and it also ensures that your teeth remain stain-free and your gums remain healthy. 
Usage of Dental Scaler
One dental mirror is necessary during this process.Use a dental mirror to check at the back of the teeth. With a better view of the teeth, hold the tip of the scaler and remove the visible stains gently along the sides of the teeth. Once you are finished with the dental scaler hold it in running water to get rid of the bits and pieces of plaque that may have remained on its tip.
Most Advanced and Popular Dental Scaler Exhibition
1. A2 scaler has scaling, perio and endo functions
2. Adjustable working air pressure for different opetaion functions
3. Metal type, autoclaved under 135℃ and 0.22 MPa condition, anti-cross infenction
4. Come with scaler tip connector, freely install and remove
5. Automatic frequency tracking ensures that the machine always works on the best frequency and performs more steadily
6. Works with 0.30 type scaler tips, compatible with KAVO
7. Package with GK1/ GK2/ PK1 scaler tips
Vibration frequency: 15000Hz-17000Hz
 Air pressure: 0.3mpa
M4 hole and B2 hole 
The P5 Newtron ® XS is one of the best ultrasonic generators Satelec ®. With its tank, it is equipped with an internal irrigation, which gives it more autonomy, power and precision. The 300 ml reservoir can fill a simple gesture during surgery. The handpiece is compatible with all the inserts Satelec ® range which offers the widest range of choice of ultrasonic inserts in the world. It combines the best possible performance to the greatest possible versatility. The range of ultrasonic generators P5 is the most famous lines piezo globally.
Clinical Applications
The P5 Newtron ® XS associated with the widest range of inserts in the world, is for acts of scaling , endodontics , periodontics or the prosthetic finish. It is completely painless. In addition it provides a controlled and, thanks to its tank ensures high autonomy irrigation.
Power: 100 V/115 V/230 V - 50 Hz/60 Hz
Electrical Equipment Classification : Class I - BF Classification according to Directive 93/42/EEC : Class IIa
Intermittent : 10 min / 5 min
Maximum power consumption : 30 VA
Ultrasonic frequency : 28 kHz to 36 kHz
Irrigation: 5 to 40 ml / min
Water pressure : 1-5 bar ( 15 to 72.5 psi )
Dimensions ( overall):
L = 160 mm x 130 mm x H = P = 310 mm
Weight ( without accessories ) : 1700 gr
pedal :
L = 70mm x H = 30mm x D = 95 mm
Weight: 150 gr
Cord handpiece : 2000 mm
This medical device is classified IIa according to European Directive applicable regulations. It carries the CE mark . Notified Body : LNE G-MED - 0459 .
This medical device is reserved for dental health personnel , and is not reimbursed by health insurance organizations.
This equipment has been designed and manufactured under a quality system certified to EN ISO 13485 . is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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