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Frequently Asked Questions for Handpieces

Air and water lines blocked

From time to time again surgeries can experience air and water line blockages in their handpieces. Blockages can occur due to unnecessary chemical soaking procedures or because the delivery unit has not been serviced for some time and it is passing unfiltered water with dust and dirt particles through the lines. Make sure you get your unit service if the air or water lines are getting blocked.

Light globe is out
Light globes in handpiece wear out from general use. We are able to supply and fit new xenon or LED globes for all brands, makes and models of handpieces. In some cases the light globes are fine but the fibre optic bundle inside the handpiece has been damaged. We can in most instance replace or mend the fibre optics.

Missing screws and latches
These occurrence do happen form time to time. A small screw can seem like a very small and insignificant part on a handpiece but without it the handpiece may become liability to your surgery.

Handpiece head fell off
Some handpiece are glued together at the head. The heads of some handpiece will eventual come off. We carefully re-attach the head to the shank and locktight the head with super bonding glue.

Handpiece was dropped
If your handpiece has been dropped it is not the end of the road or your job. In most cases we can restore handpieces back to working condition. We gently reform the original shape and smooth out any dents on the handpiece. We can provide an anonymous service if you require discretion.

The bur is jammed, stuck, bent or broken
If a bur is jammed do not pull the bur excessively or you may cause more damage to the handpiece. Give us a call to send in your handpiece and we will be able to remove the bur for you without creating more damage to your handpiece. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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