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Why You Buy Surgical Loupes Online?


The Loupe Store - Online - has composed a guide on what to look out for when buying your Surgical/Dental Loupes. You can save yourself a lot of time (and money) by just reading the next chapter giving you a better understanding before buying your first pair.


Choosing the right dental loupes from dentalplaza can be a daunting task. Before you invest your money on them, you should take the time to find out why you should buy dental loupes online. It also pays to find out what the top four things are that you should be looking for in loupes. Also, remember that bigger does not always mean that it is better. You also need to understand more about what field of view is and what is its importance and significance. Fourthly, you need to learn about how much magnification is required and you also need to address issues such as what kind of surgical loupes are right for your needs and budget.


Surgical loupes help in magnifying the vision of physicians and also technicians while they are performing surgeries and other medical procedures. In addition, the right surgical loupes also help the wearer maintain a proper posture and in doing so they help in reducing and even eliminating eye and neck fatigue. There are several types of surgical loupes with each one being available in a number of working distances.

Dental loupes are very precise and so when buying them you have to exercise great care. Before you think about buying dental loupes online you have to address a few important issues. The first is that of measuring the working distance and secondly, you need to know how much magnification is right for your needs and budget. Keeping these factors in mind you can start shopping for surgical loupes online.


If you need higher magnification then your field of view will be narrow and it also means that your working distance will be small. In case you need a larger field of depth then you should choose magnification that is in the range of between 2.5x and 3.5x. These measurements will have the maximum field of view and they are also the most common magnifications used by most people.

For surgeons it is a good idea to choose medical loupes that have between 4x and 6x magnifications. If need be, you can also think about using 8x magnification but such a magnification is only right if you already have lots of experience with using such surgical loupes.


Dental loupes in dentalplaza:


2.5 x 3.0 x 3.5 x FD-501-G

These systems offer magnifications of 2.5x , 3.0x or 3.5x with a choice of working distance 33cm , 42cm or 55cm .
Large Depth of Field : with a wide range of working distance , the magnified area will remain clear and precise.
The bar is ultra light material and individual pupillary adjustment is available.


Technical Specifications:
Magnification: 2.5x ; X 3.0 ; 3.5 x
Distance work : 33cm , 42cm or 55cm
Field of view Φ100 - Φ130mm
Net Weight: 0.75 kg
Packing Dimensions : 185 * 125 * 70mm

JD2100 3W LED Headlight With 3.0X Loupe  

1 . More than 35,000 Lux of bright, white light. With a reference color temperature of   6,000 Kelvin and an extraordinary 35,000 Lux of illumination , the JD2000 LED HeadLight is more than twice as bright as other standard LED  headlamps or conventional .
2 . Compact and lightweight. The compact design ensures clear coaxial illumination , without the interposition . The JD2000 LED HeadLight weighs    only 60 grams, ensuring user comfort even during long periods of use.
3 . Flexibility. Adjusting the spot size (20 -100mm ) and continuously control the brightness . Combined with loupes 2.5X , 3.0X , 3.5X .
4 . Certificcat CE . Adoptation of CE certification .

 Technical Specifications: 


   1 . Illumination: More than 35,000 Lux
   2 . Color Temperature : 6000 ( ± 500) Kelvin .                                                                         
   3 . Life LED: 3 W Power , scheduled for 20 000 hours.
   4 . Spot Adjustment : Diameter lighting 20 to 130 mm
5. Angle of Declination: Fully Adjustable for user choice .
6 . Time of Use : More than seven hours after a 4 hour recharge              
7 . Adapter Voltage : AC 110V/220V
8 . Voltage of work: DC 3.7V
9 . LED Weight : 60g
10 . Packing size : 21CM X 33CM X 16CM is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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