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How To Maintain The Handpieces



Understanding how to clean and maintain these handpieces and their components properly will help the clinician achieve optimal results. Knowing when to replace or rebuild handpiece turbines and its pros and cons, and knowing who to send the handpiece to for repairs is essential for quality and turnaround times.


Maintenance Plan: High, Middle and Low Speed Handpiece maintenance

Strict surgery handpiece maintenance procedures are crucial in ensuring longevity of your handpieces. From our years of service to dental surgeries we’ve found that many practices do not follow handpiece maintenance policies and procedures for cleaning, autoclaving and lubricating handpieces. Some surgeries rely to heavily on automated cleaning and lubricating machines and fail to get them serviced thus causing failure with their handpieces. If your surgery has an automated cleaning and lubricating machine please make sure it is serviced and maintained as per the manufacturers specification otherwise your handpieces will begin to fail.
Developing and adhering to handpiece maintenance policies and procedures will help you and your staff keep to run a smooth, effecient and effective surgery and most importantly keep your costs down.
12 key steps to handpiece maintenance
Disconnect your handpiece from your dental unit
Remove the bur while wearing gloves
Clean the handpiece with alcohol wipe
Shake your handpiece maintenance lubricant spray can
Holding the can upright, insert the specified nozzle into the base of the handpiece.
Spray the handpiece into a tissue until oil comes out clear
Run the handpiece for 20 – 30 seconds
Spray again until the excess oil being blown into the tissue is clean
Wipe off excess oil with a dry tissue
Place handpiece into your  autoclave – Do not use pouches unless you’re using a vacuum autoclave
Select the correct cycle -Do not use a drying cycle in a non vacuum autoclave
When the cycle is complete take the handpiece out immediately is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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