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Natural Dentistry Overview

Ever coin has two sides. In modern dentistry, we can protect our teeth from dental problems. But there are some risk or side-effect in modern dental treatment. So natural dentistry seem more better than regular office dental treatment.In this topic, we will talk about natural dentistry.

Natural dentistry compounds holistic dentistry practices with dentistry practices that are good for the patients as well as the planet. It is common for the natural dentist to use washable products rather than office dental equipment ones, to recycle wastes and to minimize paper usage by using computerized charts.
Natural dentistry advocates the theory that the human mouth is a part of a greater system of parts that are each connected to the other. It follows the principal that if the mouth is unhealthy, so is the rest of the body. If it is healthy, chances are, the body will be as well.
Natural dentistry promotes the elimination of metals and other toxic materials from the dental treatment. It holds that the healthy mouth will be free of infections and deep pockets and that it will have sound gum tissue. It operates from the understanding that the bones and muscles of the neck and head and the manner in which the teeth come together when the mouth is closed are important elements in the health of the overall body. It places emphasis on balance and proper alignment, adhering to the principle that if any of these areas are not in correct alignment, the airway can be affected and a restriction of oxygen can occur when the patient is sleeping. This is a cause of sleep apnea, which, at times, can be a life threatening condition.
Natural Dental Care Tips
A practitioner of natural dentistry will never use such potentially harmful treatments as mercury dental amalgams. This substance is a toxin and all dentists must handle it as hazardous waste. Since amalgams are about 50% mercury, do you really want that in your mouth? Mercury has been found to cause many complications in the body including multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer's disease. Fillings used in natural dentistry are coloured resins and porcelain as well as gold. Old mercury fillings are often replaced by these safer materials in order to improve a patient's health.
Crowns used by orthodox dentists are made of materials that contain toxic metals like nickel. Metal free, porcelain and ceramic crowns are an excellent option for those concerned about what goes into their mouth.
Practitioners of natural dental care do not believe that tooth decay is caused by a lack of fluoride, but rather poor brushing techniques and an inadequate diet. In fact, excessive fluoride has been linked to loss of appetite in children, weakness of muscles and nerve damage.
Common Sense Natural Therapies For Oral Hygiene
Brush after meals.
Floss between teeth every day.
Swish water between teeth to rinse food particles out, or better yet, use a water pick or oral irrigator designed for the job.
Replace your toothbrush every six months, and consider getting the electric kind for efficient cleaning. Battery-powered toothbrushes are inexpensive and easy to find if you're not ready to invest in a countertop solution. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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