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Digital Detnal X Rays Application In Modern Dentistry


Dental X rays are an important part of your dental examination. Dentists use x-rays to assess your dental health, and to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions. Digital x-rays are used to diagnose tooth decay (cavities), loss or change in your bone density, periodontal disease, and abscesses or infections. Advancements in x-ray technology help us to improve your experience at the dentist.

Digital x-rays involve less radiation and provide better quality images for your dentist.  Digital x-rays use less radiation than traditional film x-rays – 40 times less radiation than a person would be exposed to in a typical day.  Even so, we continue to use a lead apron and thyroid collar to protect other areas of your body from exposure.
Some Benefits Of Digital X  Rays:
I.Digital x-rays reduces radiation exposure to the patient and dental staff
Digital dental radiography can produce a high quality dental image with 60%-80% less exposure than traditional film dental x-rays. While traditional film x-rays have a very low exposure level ... this takes radiation exposure to a new level (very low).
II.Digital x-rays are friendly to the environment
Traditional dental x-rays use chemicals to develop and fix the image on to the film. These chemicals are not friendly to the environment. In addition, traditional film x-rays use silver halide to develop the image and a silver mixture in not released into the environment. Everyone benefits from this new technology.
III.Less exposure to radiation compared to traditional X-Rays
What’s different about the digital x-ray is that it is more efficient and easier to view compared to traditional x-ray films. However, the main reason we decided to invest in such an expensive equipment, is the fact that it reduces radiation exposure to our patients by up to 90% as compared to traditional x-rays.
IV.Faster assessment and more accurate diagnosis
This piece of innovative technology captures the selected area and allows us to view it within seconds. The image of your tooth is captured on a special plate which is then read by a special scanner. 30 seconds later, the image is displayed on the computer screen. 
With digital x-rays, we are able to more accurately diagnose and provide you with the necessary treatment due to the clarity of the image. This also allows us to more easily diagnose and detect tooth decay before it turns into a major problem.  In addition, it is a great tool for us to engage the patient and show them where the problems are. 
We have found that the digital x-ray machine also results in a quicker examination as there are no long waits for the development of traditional x-ray films. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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