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Amalgamator In Modern Dentistry

Amalgamators are widely use in modern dentistry. In some certain dental surgeries, amalgamators play an important role.A dental amalgamator is a device that is used to blend silver amalgam capsules. Its operation is controlled by a microprocessor which ensures that a precise mix is achieved. This dental lab equipment comes complete with a power cable, a user manual, and a one-year warranty certificate. Amalgamators are used to form amalgam fillings for treating cavities found in teeth and they are found in every dentist's office.

Digital dental amalgamators are noiseless and they are known to be both reliable and precise. When buying dental lab equipment it is necessary to review different models of amalgamators online to ascertain their specifications and features. Online catalogues are available in most suppliers' websites and they also show the prices of every product and their availability. The cost of amalgamators varies from one supplier to another and mostly depends on the features found in the device.
Most dental lab equipment is ergonomically designed and some amalgamators come with rubber buttons for that comfortable touch. They are also designed to meet electrical safety standards and they are fitted with protected mixing chambers and a safety cover. LEDs are used to show the status of the amalgamator operations and a dentist needs to set the device depending on the alloys being used.
1. Silicone rubber buttons for comfortable touch
2. LED display
3. Two speed selections
4. Noiseless and stable operation
5. Easy operation and sturdy capsule holder
6. Sealed mixing area with a safety cover
7. Ergonomic design
1. Mixing frequency: 4500 and 4000 oscillations per sec +/- 5%
2. Mixing time: Adjustable from 1 to 99 seconds 
3. Operating temperature: 5 to 40° c
4. Voltage / Current 200 TO 240 Volts, 50 Hz / 30 Watts 
5. Dimensions: 205L*195W*115*(without power cord)
6. Weight: 2.2Kg 
7. Amplitude 15mm
8.Functioning intermittent
Nowadays there are amalgamators that are fully digital and automatic. These devices are sturdy and are preferred by dentists because of their guaranteed efficiency and because they work with precision. They are also sold with a manufacturer's guarantee that classifies them as high quality. Return policies are given to customers to make sure that they don't keep faulty devices after having paid for them. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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