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Standard operating procedures for cleaning and sterilizing the dental handpiece


1. After each treatment, the doctor will step on the lock to flush the cavity 30 s.

2. The user can remove the contaminated handpiece in time and remove the visible dirt from the surface of the handpiece with the wet cotton ball, and put it in the recycling container of the contaminated dental equipment in the clinic.

3. The cleaning staff counts the used handpiece and sends the contaminated equipment to the cleaning room.

the cleaning

(1) no automatic handpiece cleaning machine

1. Flushing: the dental handpiece is flushed under the flow and the surface pollutant is initially removed.

2. Wash: after rinsing, use the enzyme cleaner to soak for 2 ~ 5 min after washing and scrubbing. Some handpieces can be flushed into the ultrasonic cleaner for 3 ~ 5 min.

3. Rinse: after washing, rinse or scrub under water. The tube is rinsed with a water gun or syringe.

4. Final rinse: rinse with soft water, purified water or distilled water after rinsing. Flush with water gun or syringe.

5. After cleaning the handpiece, put it in the net basket for drying.

(2) there is a full automatic handpiece cleaning machine

1. Check the performance of automatic cleaning machine and the enzyme cleaning agent, neutralizing agent and brightening agent.

2. Smooth the head of the handpiece to the special jack of the dental handpiece, and fully and effectively clean it.


Take the dental handpiece one by one from the net basket or the cleaning machine, use the high-pressure air gun or syringe to blow dry pipe, air wheel bearing surface moisture, also can inject 75% ethanol to dry.


Use 75% ethanol to disinfect the outer surface of the handpiece.

Internal maintenance

Use fully automatic oil injection equipment to inject special cleaning lubricant into the  handpiece. If you use manual oil injection, you should use spray cleaning lubricant.


The appearance of the equipment should be dried immediately after the oil injection. The mechanical drying and pressure air gun in the lumen should be dried and dry.


Check the cleanliness and performance of the dry dental handpieces and devices with visual or light magnifying glass.


Suitable for packing with paper plastic, sealing with medical heat sealing machine. Other packaging and packaging procedures refer to the standard operating procedures for the packaging of surgical instruments.


1. Pre-vacuum pressure steam sterilizer for sterilization.

(1) it should not be stacked when loading. The package should be placed in the tray in sequence, and the space between each handpiece should be reserved, and the paper will be upward, which is conducive to steam penetration and drying.

(2) strictly control the sterilization temperature, pressure and time. Temperature > 135 or sterilization time in excess of the prescribed time all can damage handpiece o-ring seal and protect bead sets of bearing parts.

2. If rapid pressure steam sterilizer is used, it does not encapsulate exposed sterilization.

3. Other low-temperature sterilizers, such as epoxy ethane and hydrogen peroxide plasma, can be sterilized.


1. The packaging shall include the name of the article, the sterilizer number, sterilization batch, date of sterilization, the date of sterilization and the signature or code of the operator, and put it in a sterile storage container.

2. The exposed sterilization should be stored in the sterilization box or in the sterile container. Once opened, it is valid for no more than 4h.


The packing shall be in good condition. If you find that oil bags and damaged packages are not allowed to be distributed, the sterilization should be re-cleaned.


1. Do not immerse the handpiece in the disinfectant to avoid corroding the parts in the dental handpiece.

2. Paper plastic wrap paper should be avoided to be soaked by oil, so as to avoid steam penetration during sterilization. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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