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The Best Home Remedies for Dental Pain

Toothache may be small, but they can cause great pain.
"Pain is your body's way of telling you to see a doctor," says John dodis, a dentist in forest hills, New York, and author of healthy teeth. If you have severe or persistent toothache or other oral disease, you should visit your dentist in case it is a serious dental health problem that requires treatment.
However, some mild toothache and pain can be treated with dental instruments at home (or at least while you wait to see a dentist). The next time your mouth is in trouble, give these family remedies.
The toothache therapy in your kitchen cabinet
Grab some clove oil. Clove oil is an ancient family therapy. Its effect is thanks to the chemical called eugenol, which is found in oil. It has the properties of anesthetics and antibacterial properties. For tooth pain, two to three drops of clove oil and a quarter teaspoon of olive oil made from a mixture of cotton balls soaked in it. Place the cotton ball near your teeth, close to your teeth, and then bite down and place it in the right place. Note: don't sleep with a cotton ball in your mouth. The FDA no longer considers the treatment to be effective enough to recommend it, although some dentists still think it's good. Clove oil can be bought at drugstores and health food stores.
Appear in the cough. Cough sugar or lozenges usually contain a small amount of anesthetic (menthol, sometimes benzocaine), which means they can also relieve a mild toothache. Put one or two in your mouth and suck them (don't chew! Another solution? Put a layer of VapoRub on your cheeks, your teeth will get hurt, then place the paper towel on your pillow and lie on that side.
Rinse it out. Sometimes the root of toothache is the food trapped between the teeth. In this case, try flossing, rinsing with mouthwash, or using a brush (small brush shaped like a Christmas tree). In fact, the family therapy can help you save time to see a dentist, but if your teeth are often food stuck, then talk to your dentist, because your gums may have a problem need medical care.
Try other kitchen staples. Other family remedies that have proven to help toothache include applying a hot tea bag directly to your teeth. Tea contains tannic acid, which can reduce swelling. Other solutions: put cucumber slices on your teeth, or soak cotton balls in brandy - and alcohol can be numbing. Some people also report that garlic, Onions, spinach, wheatgrass or a simple saline solution can ease the toothache.
Treat your other oral diseases
Canker sores? Use these off-field mixtures. Oral ulcers usually go away on their own - but during that time, the pain can be very painful. When you're waiting for treatment, you can mix half a hydrogen peroxide with half water, mix it with a cotton swab, and then use a magnesium oxide milk to relieve the pain. You can repeat it four times a day. Another family remedy is to mix the same amount of magnesium with the milk of the liquid benadryl. Gently spray a mixture of 60 seconds around your mouth and spit it out.
Sensitive teeth? Try this toothpaste. If your teeth are sensitive to stress, or when it is exposed to hot or cold temperatures, whitening toothpaste is not possible (it will only make your teeth more sensitive). Try this simple approach, Dr. Dodes says: switch to unruffled toothpaste, or consider buying toothpaste made for sensitive teeth. "They have chemicals in them that make their teeth desensitized," he explained. If the allergy persists, talk to your dentist, who can investigate the cause.
Do you have any jaw pain? Eat this. Until you can make an appointment with your dentist to see the pain in your jaw, or if you're waiting to see if the pain will work itself out, switch to a softer food. "Don't eat big, stuffed sandwiches or bagels," said Mr. Dudes. "Give yourself five to six days to eat soft foods and see if you can get better." If you sprained your ankle, you don't have a running hurdle, do you? If it hurts, take a break. "If your jaw or toothache doesn't go away, make sure you call your dentist."
Is there any swelling? Take these steps. Oral pain is sometimes caused by swelling of soft tissue in the mouth. Tudes said the swelling should be checked by the dentist because it could be a serious dental health problem. Also try taking over-the-counter antiphlogistic drugs, such as ibuprofen (yavi or motlin). "But if you have enough pain, you need a pill," said dudes. "you'd better go to the doctor because the toothache is getting worse."
Broken teeth? Do this as soon as possible. If you break a tooth, go to the dentist as soon as possible - this white problem requires immediate help. If you find the lost tooth, you can leave it at home and put it in water or milk -- don't put it on the counter, for example, don't scrub it with detergent. Sometimes the dentist can reattach the teeth. "Put it in milk and you can help the cells to survive so they can grow again when they grow back." is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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