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NSK Dental launches dentistry's most powerful 45-degree air-driven handpiece

The leading dental equipment maker, NSK dental, today announced the launch of its ti-max X450 line, a 45-degree air-driven hand chip, providing an industry-leading 21-watt power.

The ti-max X450 series has nine models to choose from. Seven are optical versions of NSK, KaVo, W&H RA, Midwest, Star, Fixed Back and W&H RQ couplers, and two are non-optical versions of NSK and Fixed post-couplers. The W&H RQ coupler model combines LED lighting. All nine models have the same head size, three sprinkler heads, a titanium body and a two-year warranty. Since titanium is 30 percent lighter than stainless steel, the hand weight of ti-max X450 is lighter than the steel body, providing a natural sense of touch and special availability.

Like other NSK air drives and dental handpieces, the 100 percent of the timax X450 series is made and assembled in-house to ensure quality and reliability.

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"The ti-max X450 series has brought an unprecedented strength and visibility to our customers," said Rob Gochoel, sales and marketing director at NSK dental. "By 21 watts of power and our designs provide unparalleled access to 45 degrees and visibility, the new hand is a dental professionals hope to improve the efficiency of their ideal choice." Mr Gochoel also noted that the two-year warranty period was a one-year guaranteed advance on the company's 45-degree pen. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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