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Acquires Advanced Technology Research

Sirona dental systems, the world's only full-line dental equipment maker, bought the advanced technology research company S.R.L (ATR) in pistole, Italy. ATR is the market leader for specialized motor for dental pulp and skin grafts.
"The purchase of the ATR is play a leading role in the rapid growth of endodontics field an important step, we joined in the spring of this year our special diagonal SIRONiti hand in hand," Michael Augins said, he is Sirona Dental Systems, the President of the company. "What we are particularly interested in is the close international relationship between ATR and the world's leading university professors and opinion leaders and the patents that arise from their work." Combined with ATR will provide high level dental pulp technology for our customers in the United States and internationally to complement the innovative dental equipment from Sirona.
ATR has an annual income of more than $6 million. David Fazione, a former partner at KPMG in Italy, will run the new ATR in Pistoia. ATR's founders and current business leaders will stay close to the company. Therona is optimistic that the new joint venture will create opportunities for double-digit growth.
"We support dentists to provide them with innovative products to meet patients' best orientation, practical development and economic growth," says Jost Fischer, chairman of Sirona dental systems. "Through ATR acquisition, we have demonstrated that we can transcend our internal innovation capabilities and products to find the best solution for our customers." This new acquisition not only expands the combination of Sirona's world-class dental solutions, but also lays the foundation for the future success of endontics - a promising market segment.
About Sirona dental system
As one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality dental instruments and technologies, Sirona (formerly known as Siemens dental system) has served equipment dealers and dentists worldwide for more than 125 years. Sirona produces a complete range of dental products, including
CEREC CAD/CAM repair equipment, digital and film internal ports, panoramic and head X-ray imaging systems, dental treatment centres and handpieces. Sirona is committed to creating and supporting the most advanced dental technology in the market. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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