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Aseptico signs on to “Climb for a Cause”

Aseptico, a manufacturer of dental equipment, has signed an agreement to support SmileTree and will continue to climb the next year. Share the vision of SmileTree Aseptico, for those who need to provide the highest quality of dental care, they support this vision, become "wand STA" exclusive distributor, this is a kind of computer control of anesthesia delivery system, make the dentist feel comfortable, no pain, and alleviate the pressure of the patients and clinicians.
Since 2011, Aseptico has been active in supporting climbing career task, the second time, Aseptico sales representatives and fanatical outdoor enthusiasts Chris Berry (Chris Berry) will join us in the 2013 annual climbing on foot. This year, nearly 50 participants from across the country will meet at the Taos ski resort, hiking eight miles to Wheeler Peak.
SmileTree and climbing support clinics provide oral health education, exams and treatment for children. Clinics are held at least every two years in the same location to ensure continuous care. In 2013, SmileTree will support nine dental clinics in four countries to ensure the provision of dental instruments care to thousands of children. In two weeks of clinics in Guatemala this summer, we were able to receive 1,210 children. 752 fluorination, 1184 fillings, 73 composites and 212 extracts did not cost. Care has a total value of nearly $325,000.
Daniel a 'danny Bobrow, executive director of SmileTree, said: "we are very happy to have the support of Aseptico again. Their high standards and the desire to repay have made them an excellent partner. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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