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New packaging design announced

Air technology, PSP cleaning Wipes MELVILLE, New York - air technology, a dental equipment manufacturer, announced the redesign of the PSP clean Wipes merchandise line.
The air technology PSP cleaning wipes are a disposable, lightweight wipes that remove surface debris from phosphors and tablets. The new design includes an improved, compact, packed personal wipes.
"To improve the appearance and function of our PSP cleaning wipes, we have updated the packaging of the product," said air technology product manager Nicole Miller. "Since PSP cleaning wipes are used every day, we want to increase the number of tissues per box to better use this product."
The new packaging design increases the number of wet towels 25 to 50 per case. The air technology PSP clean wipes formula is water-free, making them safe to use in the mouth and outgoing phosphorus storage boards and plate protectors.
The air technology's PSP cleaning wipes are soft, unflannelette wipes, which do not scratch or streaks and safely remove stains, dirt, dirt, and hair from the surface area. A disposable wet towel of five times eight inches is light and durable. They help ensure quick cleanup and help extend the life of the PSP. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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