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Ritter Road Show set to begin

SAN Antonio, Texas -- U.S. Dental equipment maker Ritter Dental USA has announced plans to launch the Ritter Road Show, a Dental Show that is scheduled to take place in 125 cities across the country.
"Not every day there are dental companies celebrating the 125th anniversary," said Fred bata, chief executive officer of the us dental office. We will be on our way to celebrate the past and share our vision for the exciting future of the American dental company.
Ritter Road Show events will be held locally, including three basic components; Innovation, education and fundraising.
The latest Ritter innovation will be displayed in the dedicated display area of the Ritter Road Show event, including:
• advantages and excellent dental units: made in Germany and recently produced in the United States. These dental units represent the balance of technology and comfor, and are still price-sensitive to today's economy.
• ritter planter system: precision and price design to meet the standards of the planter. The system is made of 5 grade titanium in Germany.
• digital docking and crown systems: powered by 3Shape and provided to dentists with digital impressions and CAD/CAM techniques.
• ritter instrument: forged by German steel, its ritter instrument line provides accurate measurements for ordinary practitioners, experts and health workers.
• internal financing: dental services provided to eligible buyers.
"We are trying to show the latest Ritter innovation to dentists who may not have the opportunity to attend a large dental conference," Battah said. "We're going to give you our trade show booth!"
Education will include two optional, but necessary courses authorized by the American heart association, each member of the dental team needs:
• basic life support medical service provider CPR & AED course
• blood transmission of pathogen safety courses
"The best we've seen in these two courses is $80," Battah explains.
"Our discount is $40 per person. We kept $20 to pay for the course materials and donated the remaining $20 to the local dental association for donations to local charities. Dental professionals can donate directly to local communities during the online registration process. Each dental professional pays $40 for CPR/AED and blood-borne pathogen safety courses. Ritter will offer a $40 voucher to make the course almost free!
Ritter Road Show will also include training for dental technicians, which are mandatory and become authorized Ritter dental technicians.
"Our goal is to expand the dealer network and better serve the local Ritter customer base," said baha.
Ritter's fundraiser will be for the local dental association in the city of 125 Ritter. Pay $40 CPR/AED and blood pathogen safety courses for members of the local dental association, and $20 will be donated to local charities to fund local charities.
According to Battah, "this is a targeted grassroots fundraising approach. Our preliminary discussions with the local dental supplies association were very positive. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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