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CBS Evening News reports on Wisconsin Dental Association's Mission of Mercy

Aired on August 11, 2009, as part of its series, "Children of the Recession," CBS Evening News featured a story on a Wisconsin family that participated in a recent Mission of Mercy sponsored by the Wisconsin Dental Association.
This humanitarian program provided free dental care to approximately 1,300 patients of all ages who might not otherwise have afforded the essential services provided.
Numerous workstations comprised of portable dental equipment manufactured by Aseptico (and others)--including chairs, lights, stools, and delivery units--were used by the many volunteer dentists and staff to examine and treat patients with a variety of needs.
Mission of Mercy and similar events highlight the need for public and private outreach programs, especially in a difficult economy. The events also demonstrate the benefits of portable dental instruments, which enables professionals to provide quality care in unconventional environments.
To view the report, visit Mission of Mercy.
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