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Warranty on air-driven handpieces extended

CHARLOTTE, NC-- Sirona Dental Systems, a full-line dental equipment manufacturer, has announced that it will automatically extend a three-year total warranty on any T2 fiber optic handpieces purchased at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting and beyond.
Any customer who buys a T2 fiber air-driven handpiece at the new price level will extend the automatic three-year warranty. Customers who buy the product can also get a free one-sixth of the bottle T1 spray, cleaning, r and lubricant coupons.
"Over the last few years, our customers have realized that the Sirona handpiece is a high-quality, high-value product." We hope to continue to "raise the bar in the industry" and continue to deliver outstanding value to our customers.
"We believe that we can demonstrate that this offer creates an incredible value for customers with virtually no maintenance costs in the first three years of ownership." We have been industry leaders, providing long-term assurance that we intend to maintain our leadership with our customers.
Customers may also choose to take advantage of the five year warranty period for the above purchase. Just buy a 5, 6 pack of T1 spray or a coupon voucher booklet and extend the warranty to 5 years. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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