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Contest seeks oldest x-ray machines

The Sirona dental equipment system is celebrating 100 years of innovation in dental X-ray imaging.
The dental equipment manufacturer has launched a nationwide contest, to determine the current dental clinic jobs in the United States the oldest X-ray machine, can log on to, and provide their current X-ray equipment through some of the basic information to participate in the competition.
All participants are eligible for the new orthophoto XG 5 digital panorama system and the praise of Sirona.
"In a short period of time, the game has a high interest." Many of the competition projects mention an impressive ancient machine, "said John Smithson, director of marketing. "They may not cultivate them as they used to, but in many cases, it's a good thing." We are glad to bring the advances in digital radiology to more practices. Easy,
Faster and more flexible technologies, less radiation and clearer images are the benefits of Sirona XG system.
The competition starts on May 1 and ends on December 31. To participate in,
Dentists need to fill out the application form
Participating dentists must submit their X-ray equipment production, models and serial Numbers as well as their contact information. They will also be contacted by Sirona to submit evidence that the force is currently running.
All submissions will be entered in the grand prix, a free Sirona fear xg5 Pan ($45,995). The painting will be held at the Chicago mid-term meeting in February 2006.
There will be an additional five second prizes, with a $2,500 credit coupon to buy a new, positive XG Pan, which will be awarded in the drawing. A new, direct-shot XG pan, which costs $2, 500, will be awarded to the owner of the oldest panoramic device and the owner of the oldest oral X-ray film.
The game gave a doctor an unprecedented opportunity to go digital
Cost, "said Smithson. "Seven more will lead in the transition.
Their X-ray system. If we're lucky, we can even find some museum pieces in the process!
The event was the 100th anniversary of the Rekord, the first commercial oral X-ray film introduced by Sirona
Former company/Halske in 1905. RGS/Halske later became Siemens and later became Sirona.
Therona followed a series of implant machine in Rekord, including the first panoramic imaging unit, the orthopaedic of 1961, and the first digital Pan/Ceph X-ray unit in 1996 and DS Ceph. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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