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Hu-Friedy launches Titanium Implant Scalers

Huo - friedy has introduced new titanium implants to help clinicians complete and safely debride biofilm and calculus from dental implants supra - and sub - gum surfaces.
A new type of dental equipment titanium implant grown from the company's new production line
In the most common scaler variant, including the 204SD sickle knife, a diagonal design is adopted to enhance the contact with the distal surface; Langer 1/2 Curette, ideal mandibular posterior surface; And hufriedy's 1/2, 11/12 and 13/14 Gracey Mini 5 Scalers skillfully respond to the challenge of depth and/or narrow pockets and shorter, thinner blades and longer end foothills.
In addition to a variety of initial instruments, hu- friedy's titanium implants have added some new features to the clinician's instrument tray. On these delicate surfaces, prostheses and dentures made from the same titanium alloy are milder than stainless steel. The signature non-ferrous metal anodized titanium working end forms an enhanced contrast with the surface of the bridge, and separates the special instrument from the rest of armamentarium. These tools can also be sharpened, extended, and invested in return.
The new titanium implant is the latest addition to hufriedy's growing array of implant maintenance. In 2010, the company launched Implacare unfilled resin implants that allow the surface of the prosthesis to scale without scratching or altering the crown or titanium. Hul-friedy also has a series of Colorvue probes, which are used to assess patients with dental implants with mild, flexible resin cues.
"Huc-friedy is committed to maintaining a continuous dialogue with our customers and developing the products they need on the instrument tray," explains Ron Saslow, chairman and chief executive of huc-friedy. "One of these needs is met by a new generation of titanium implants." We have demonstrated a long-term commitment to the care and maintenance of dental implants, as shown in our Implacare and Colorvue lines. These titanium implants are our latest product, and it supports our commitment to help you do your best.
The new titanium implants complement the existing unfilled Implacare II dental instruments, which was designed to be removed from titanium abutments and implants for prostheses and biofilms. Hul - friedy's titanium implants are designed to safely and effectively remove stones from the surface of titanium implants. Precise work ends ensure increased use of periodontal bags, increasing patient comfort, and enhanced ergonomics and visibility to help dentists perform best. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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