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The Particulars of Piezo

Although most clinicians in the United States since the 1960 s began to use magnetostrictive ultrasonic dental equipment, but the main European and Asian clinical doctors opted for piezoelectric unit to complete ultrasonic scaling. Doctors in Europe and Asia are more likely to use ultrasonic scaling because their dental equipment is often made in a piezoelectric system. The clinician simply put a sterile hand piece on the piezoelectric sheet on the unit to start scaling. These built-in piezoelectric units are versatile, so they also provide dental pulp and recovery functions, providing special tips for dentists.
Another feature of the piezoelectric element is a variety of scaling techniques. The tips of these threads are screwed together and tightened with a wrench. All manufacturers offer plenty of ways to remove large amounts of stone, as well as periodontal use for deep pockets. ACTEON North America/satUNK, Laurel, NJ. NSK, savannah, Georgia; Dallas's electronic medical system (EMS), which makes special plastic implants. Satelec; Russell NSK, et al. Rahim Vista, wis. Chicago re-arrest -- - friedy Mfg company (re-arrest -- - friedy Mfg Co.) we design a similar to the universal curets or Langer curets (Gracey type shanks, with general blade) techniques, removal was calculated by the light and thin the tip of the diamond coating, used to remove stones polished/embedded. If you use more than one piezoelectric skills, extra tips before date attached on an additional artifacts, and the whole handpiece can be switch, rather than at the time of work must take prompt close and close.
The different geometric shapes of piezoelectric techniques, especially those with rectangular or asymmetric sections, instead of circular sections, allow them to perform effective calculus removal. Clinicians usually used in Europe and Asia is a rectangular rather than circular thin piezoelectric patches, rather than the round, in the depth of periodontal pocket, there is a higher power from root surface to remove the hard stone.
Ultrasonic vibrations from the piezoelectric scalar are produced by a series of ceramic or quartz plates in the handpiece. The vibrations are generated on the longitudinal plane, forming a linear, cutting-edge movement ranging from 25 to 50,000 times per second. There is no magnetic field and there is little heat generation, so less water is needed. Adequate irrigation, however, is necessary for adequate irrigation and efficiency. The heat of friction is caused by the expansion of the tip to the tooth, so it is still important to use some water to provide cooling.
The linear motion allows the piezoelectric technique to move back and forth in the shaving movement, rather than in a circular motion or elliptical motion like a magnetostrictive trick. This linear actuator requires prompt use the dental instruments adapt to both sides is more like a hand or on the edge of the lateral tip for teeth rather than 360 ° to adapt to the use of magnetostrictive tip. The linear motion also allows for the use of edged curet techniques and the tip of the side to make biofilm and calculus different from smooth rounded tips. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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