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The dental equipment endoscope enables us to do this. We were one of hundreds of clinicians who used peroscopy to examine and treat thousands of periodontal bags. When Galileo described his first observations of the Milky Way with a newly invented telescope, we felt he must have felt it. He said, "the galaxy itself... With the help of the telescope, we can observe that many generations of disputes have puzzled philosophers for the certainty that they have been destroyed by the visible, and we have been liberated from the long argument. "The clarity of endoscopic observation eliminates all speculation about what is happening in the instrument." Endoscopic observation enables us to re-evaluate the concept of instruments.
In each assessment, we observed that in these polished calculus, there was residual calculi on the root surface and inflammation of the pocket wall. We now question any kind of periodontal debridement technology, which emphasizes the importance of removing plaque from under the gingiva while minimizing the removal of complete calculi. Instead, our goal should be to remove as much calculus and biofilm as possible, regardless of the instrument's approach.
Using the pericoscope, we analyzed the movements and effectiveness of various ultrasonic and manual instruments, while observing their performance in deep pockets. These observations alter our choice of instruments.
Using the peroscope, we observed the following points:
1. Thorough calculi removal is essential to the success of periodontal treatment.
2. In these areas, recolonization of residual grindstones can quickly maintain inflammation.
3. The hemorrhage of the project is the clinical manifestation of residual calculi on the root surface.
4. When residual stones are removed, inflammation and healing are more likely to occur.
5. Low-power thin tips can't effectively remove hard rock, whether it's magnetostriction or piezoelectric.
Six. Piezoelectric flakes can withstand high power.
7. Work. The technique of using slant or blade is more effective in removing calculus than the smooth technique of cross-section.
Eight items. Plastic or carbon composites are good dental instruments and repair edges because they remove the biofilm without damaging the repaired materials.
9. Ultra-thin diamond coated tip can effectively remove biofilm and thin or light stone and remove the structure of teeth.
Ten questions. The tip of the diamond coating is larger than the periodontal probe, which can be damaged by removing the root structure even in low power consumption. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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