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With the end of patent restrictions, the initial magnetostrictive insert, many companies now manufacture and sell all kinds of dental instruments. A common physical feature is a small diameter that is used to contact under the gum.
In the late 1980s, a series of ultrathin ultrasonic gaskets were introduced. These tips vary in size, including thin, but the main difference with other inserts is that the water is delivered through a small cavity beneath the tip itself. Therefore, the extent of irrigation aerosols is more concentrated in a fixed area and is included in the work field while the stimulant points to the tip. The external water pipe was eliminated, and the result was improved visibility and no plumbing.
The most important feature of biofilm contact is the tip diameter. Microultrasound is the current and future power driving instrument. Paradoxically, many clinicians use small diameter periodontal probes (0.4mm) to measure diseases and larger therapeutic devices (> 1.0mm) to treat the disease. Although many of the tubes are only 0.5mm in diameter, there are very few sizes, the last 4 mm to 8 mm, and the length is less than 0.5mm. If the depth of the periodontal pouch is more than 4 mm, the length of the insertion must be fine to coordinate with the dissection of the pocket.
Future cutting-edge design innovations will include the continuous reduction of the tip diameter and the time efficiency of the diamond coating. Several manufacturers have developed a variety of diamond sand grade products. Fine diamond coating should be selected to prevent root damage.
The patient is comfortable
One of the real challenges of ultrasound therapy is to match the comfort of the patient. We've been trying to combine the three main variables: power, frequency, and water irrigation to create a multi-purpose area. When using manual frequency, thinner prompts can be used within a higher power range, but this requires technical sensitivity and continuous management of the tuning device. Automatic tuning is convenient, but a combination of higher frequencies does not produce any prompt activity at lower power, or uncomfortable activities within a higher power range. To overcome this problem, engineers have developed new magnetostrictive devices that maintain the efficiency of retractable/root systems in low power environments and in the comfort of patients. The traditional system has a one-way system from generator to insert. With lower power Settings, stroke decreases with the ability of the tip to remove debris and antibacterial properties. These units use 30 kHz shorter inserts to reduce weight and noise levels. In addition to enhancing ergonomics, foot control is a must. The result is increased working time and reduced cross-contamination activity.
Although early development driving instrument's mission is to create a dental equipment that can remove dental caries and Mao Jieshi, but fortunately, our industry has power driven equipment into progressive periodontal treatment. The main objective of periodontal therapy is to obtain or maintain the attachment level to eventually retain the teeth, which is crucial. As the device progresses, it will improve access to friendly modes of comfort for patients, and the future of ultrasound therapy is still bright. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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