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Bad Breath and Its Relationship to Oral Systemic Diseases

About 75 percent of bad breath or bad breath is caused by the mouth itself. Other causes include stomach problems, sinus infections or severe gum disease, "said Mark Wolff, the director of dental surgery at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. A key success factor in treating bad breath is determining the cause. Once your dentist has identified the cause, then treatment can begin.
Bad breath may be caused by:
External factors - such as Onions and garlic, drinks, such as coffee and alcohol, and smoking
Poor oral hygiene - dental plaque and food scraps remain on the teeth
Dentures - dental plaque and food debris can form dentures that need to be washed daily
Tonsils - areas that are hidden in the amygdala (cracks) can move food debris into the tonsils
Respiratory tract infection - throat, sinus and lung infection
Dry mouth (oral xerosis) - can be caused by salivary gland diseases, drugs, oral breathing, radiotherapy and chemotherapy
If you have bad breath, who should you look at?
If you think your diet is causing bad breath, consult a dietitian or dietitian who can adjust your diet with you. If you have poor oral hygiene, patients with gingivitis (gum inflammation of the tissue in the mouth) or periodontal disease (in dental bone loss, sometimes called "pyorrhea"), consult your dentist and periodontist dental hygienist and work with you to improve gingivitis and overall oral health guidance. Tonsils and respiratory infections require your doctor or specialist, such as an ear, nose and throat specialist or lung specialist. In the United States, most people suffer from oral xerosis due to the use of drugs, salivary gland dysfunction and the possibility of treating cancer with radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Consult your oral and maxillofacial surgeon, doctor or oncologist for professional recommendations on prescription or over-the-counter products to relieve oral symptoms. Those patients with diabetes, liver or kidney disease, and patients with gastrointestinal disease, should see their doctor, urologist or gastroenterologist, in order to understand them for these systemic disease how bad breath. Contact your dentist to provide dental or medical advice for your bad breath.
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