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Injured Tooth: What Should I Do?

How do I know if I need dental equipment treatment?
As with any oral trauma, you should consult your dentist immediately to determine if treatment is needed. The dentist will examine the affected area and may take X-rays.

If you are suffering from a broken, cracked or torn tooth, you may want an over-the-counter painkiller. If possible, keep any part of the tooth that has been shed and take you to the dentist.
If the tooth is completely removed from the mouth due to injury, bring the tooth to the dentist as soon as possible. Your teeth may be put back in your mouth, this process is called replantation.

How to treat dentists:
Incise - If there is no pain, the slice is small, it is up to you to decide if, when and how to repair the teeth. Depending on the size of the chip, a smoothing or cosmetic correction is possible. Other options include veneer, crown and fillings. Ask your dentist to explain these options. If the fillings or dentures become brittle, they should be replaced.

Teeth cracked or broken - Damaged teeth should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Root canal therapy or tooth extraction may be necessary. A crown is often the best treatment if the crack affects the enamel and dentin of the tooth. Remember, cracks are not always visible, even on X-rays. Symptoms may involve pain when chewing, and become more pronounced over time as the sensitivity to cold and possibly hot foods and fluids, and air.

Removal of the tooth - The key to successfully reattach the tooth is to re-insert it into the alveolus as soon as possible. Every minute, cells at the root of the tooth die. If possible, wash the teeth with water only, then re-implant the teeth in the field and get to the dentist as soon as possible. Teeth can only be picked up by the crown, must not be dry. The best chance of success is to re-implant within 30 minutes, the opportunity is still up to two hours. One to two weeks after the teeth have stabilized, the dentist may need to have root canal treatment.

Permanent missing teeth, whether taken by a dentist or accidentally knocked down, should be replaced. This is to avoid chewing and speaking difficulties, residual tooth position misalignment, chewing more on the side of the teeth chewing the TMJ and the jaw weakening. Options to replace lost teeth include bridges, dentures and implants.

Jaw Fracture - Do not move if you suspect jaw fracture in yourself or in others. Use a handkerchief, a tie or a towel to attach to the jaw and head above the jaw. If present, cold compress should be used to reduce swelling. Go to the emergency dental instruments room at the hospital right away, or call your dentist.

Cutting anterior teeth
Repaired after cutting the teeth
"Permanent teeth were knocked down"
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