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Should You Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Jennifer Flacket was a junket when her wisdom began to make himself known.

She recalled: "My other teeth started to move." Clever teeth were pushing apart, undermining some dental equipment orthodontic work I did in high school. "

In the meantime, her younger brother (two years younger and still in college) has no symptoms. But the family dentist suggested his wisdom teeth should come out too.

Jen and her brother recite the wisdom of tooth extraction, and during the spring break together at home to recover. She said: "I spent more than a week in my parents' house.

When his dentist mentions his Wisdom tooth may need to be removed, Patrick Grother is 26. Wisdom teeth in his lower left corner have been partially sprayed into his mouth, a piece of chewing gum still covered it. "The dentist said food will be trapped there and it may get infected," he said. Patrick later visited a periodontist who said the gingival flap could be removed but it would come back long.

"I let it go for a moment," said Patrick, but eventually he pulled out the wisdom teeth on the left side of his mouth.

There are a few who have no wisdom or space for them, but, like Jen and her brothers, many of us unplugged our wisdom at our university. Like Patrick, many of us were warned first when our Wisdom tooth did not properly appear (explode) into our mouths because there was not enough opportunity for them to adapt.

Professor Donald Sadowsky, a professor emeritus of the clinic, said: "Part of the tooth may be covered with gums and food particles and bacteria can get trapped, resulting in a slight irritation called pericoronitis and swollen low-grade infections. School of Public Health, which usually occurs in low wisdom teeth, and Pericoronitis and the pain it causes are the most common causes of the need to remove wisdom teeth.

Pericoronitis is just one of the reasons why you may need more than one wisdom tooth.

In many people's opinion, wisdom teeth never enter the mouth. Teeth are usually tilted under the gums and blocked by bones or other teeth. The dentist calls these affected teeth; they can cause pain, but you may not feel like it for years. You may not even know your wisdom teeth until your dentist sees their x-rays.

It is important to conduct regular dental supplies examinations in the early teens and early twenties because it is the most perishable tooth. Regular visits allow your dentist to track the progression of wisdom teeth with X-rays.

Even if your wisdom teeth do not cause any pain or other problems, they can cause problems at some point. The most common problems are attenuation, infection, congestion or other dental damage. However, more serious complications may occur, including the occurrence of cysts that can cause permanent damage to bones, teeth and nerves.

However, not all wisdom teeth need to be removed.

If you need to remove wisdom teeth, it is easier for young people, because the root is not fully developed, and the teeth where the bones are not too dense. Removal of wisdom teeth before any complications can shorten the postoperative recovery time and reduce discomfort. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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