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A Platform to Connect It All

As a dental equipment record-keeping tool, practice management software is a central hub for driving today's practice.

Twenty-five years ago, the practice management software started the digital revolution. Today, electronic dental records, complete images and additional electronic services are standard. Now we are seeing a new shift in the way the practice management system evolves into a platform that provides patient interaction, lab communication and full integration at all other levels.
"We've seen an exponential growth in the software segment and add-ons for ancillary e-services," said Brad Royer, Dentrix product manager. "He said the industry has moved from systems designed to store patient data to systems that streamline different workflows such as dispatch And billing. "We think a new evolution is taking place in this industry, from a hands-on management system to a hands-on management platform," Royer said. Dentrix, owned by Hen Schein, released the Dentrix G5 in 2012. "We extended Dentrix to other third-party applications through our Dentrix Developer Program (DDP), which gives users more flexibility in choosing solutions and continuing to make their practices more efficient." Dentrix also opened up a "marketplace" , Just like an app store,

The Dentrix Developer Program (DDP) allows third-party applications to connect with Dentrix and access and insert data such as reservation confirmation. Products other than Dentrix are now seamlessly integrated. "We are constantly expanding the API so that third parties gain more access and allowing people to choose the product that best suits them matters to us," Royer said.

The software platform saves everything from logging to driving results and bringing together all systems for seamless workflow and improved experience.
Today, the technology component under development can independently provide the provider with information about failed components or bad filters or any of myriad possibilities. "There's an idea today that everything can talk to each other, and as we continue to expand our platform, we see one day Dentrix will" post any product information to these products "and get information from those products.

Before Dentrix started its integration with 3M, 3Shape and Planmeca in December last year, scanner software and practice management software were completely different and needed to enter patient information into two different systems. Allowing these systems to talk to each other eliminates duplicate data entry. Royer said: "The software platform integrates record-and-save drives and consolidates all systems for a seamless work flow and an improved experience. By using the Dentrix integration platform, all additional dental instruments and services running in your practice And technology will create a central hub of spokes that will allow you to run your business more efficiently.

As part of this transition, Dentrix partnered with Simplifeye, a company that extends Dentrix to wearable technology where dentists can use the Apple Watch to get all the patient's routing information, including name, content, health history, and more. If this sounds quite distant, assured practice management software companies are always thinking about the possibilities of the next generation. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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