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Bringing Extraordinary Smiles

Imaging technology has played an integral role in my patient care practices for the past three decades. Prior to these techniques, many patients were primarily motivated by pain. Today, patients have the opportunity to view their teeth in high definition and true color with DEXcam ™ 4 HD digital camera images.

Our hygienist started talking to the patient and when I arrived at the operating room, the image was already on the screen ready for my clinical opinion. These images are able to establish the patient's trust in my diagnosis even before entering the room.

This is my third-generation digital camera, which definitely compares with my 12-megapixel SLR camera. With its true color image, patients can see natural hues - swollen gums, bleeding gums, teeth white, black or dyed. With more dental equipment understanding, they can decide on the appropriate treatment without pain.

With DEXcam 4 HD, my team and I can view the current image along with historical digital and x-rays on the same screen. Patients see the progress of their dental condition and any delayed treatment results. With this visual history, patients can know whether their disease is chronic or progressive; delays can lead to potentially broader and more expensive treatments.

Once the patients feel comfortable, we can start talking about what they think they want or need, next to our advice. For me, the most exciting part is that patients are so involved that they reach out to touch the monitor. When they interact, I know they really "get it."

These images are also very helpful for communicating with my lab. I can send multiple images by email for excellent resolution and color accuracy

Digital images are also valid for insurance pre-authorization. Our Dentrix®, DEXIS ™ digital X-rays and DEXcam 4 HD photos are fully integrated in the electronic copyright notice. By sending X-rays, photos and oral photos, we will not be rejected for lack of documentation.

The real goal I use this imaging technique is to create a dialogue that makes patients feel comfortable and give them control over the future of their teeth. I want them to use fingerprints to mark my monitor because they are so connected to become part of their own treatment. My new camera and other dental instruments technologies have made me part of the visualization of patients' healthier teeth, gums and extraordinary smiles for the future. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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