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Putting Caries Detection to Use

Encouraging patients to participate in their dental care is not easy, so I like to educate them with dental equipment technologies that provide visual representation. For example, when patients see dental caries, they understand why I recommend some repair surgery. The DEXIS CariVu ™ Caries Testing Device provides non-radiative, highly accurate visual options for dental caries detection and patient education.

CariVu provides an impressive visual image of dental caries similar to X-rays. Enamels look transparent, dental caries appear as dark areas that are easy to see and understand. CariVu is widely used in bite, adjacent and recurrent carious lesions and cracks, with an accuracy rate of 99%. We use it for any patient who has not yet expired radiographs or is not willing to radiographs. In some cases, after using CariVu, patients are more likely to have the radiographs further determined if treatment is needed.

When the patient arrives at the clinic, we discuss the frequency of normal office protocols, such as X-rays. The hygienist will take radiographs and possibly capture the CariVu images. Even with X-rays, we also use CariVu to examine caries that may not have been seen on X-rays. If the patient asks about these images, the hygienist educates the patient about proper dental health and care because the CariVu image is a good illustration of good hygiene.

"Our digital radiography, oral endoscopy, and CariVu create a complete package that brings a dramatic change to the comprehensive dental care of our patients."
As part of our office technology, the monitor is located above the patient's head, and we can display CariVu images and explain our findings. It is easy to see the difference between perfect teeth and carious lesions.

As an oral rehab doctor, implants and crown preparations are a growing part of my practice, so finding the presence of dental caries between the teeth is important. If I see a suspicious area, I take a picture of CariVu to record it and monitor the changes over time. Therefore, patients are only aware of this when they need to fix it - when caries is indicated - rather than before.

I know CariVu left a positive impression upon the patient's return and asked if we could use the Luminaire again. They like to see if they are able to tell if there is any progress in dental caries - the images are certain. Our digital radiography, oral endoscopy, and CariVu created an overall dental instruments package that brought tremendous changes to the comprehensive dental care of our patients. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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