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The True Cost of Dental Equipment

To make your money worth it, take a look beyond the price tag

If you feel pressure to take full advantage of your dental equipment budget, you can consider the price separately when you buy it. However, as many have learned, "cheapness" and "good quality" are not necessarily the same thing. Saving a few dollars in advance may not be the best choice for your practice.

Overall ownership
The true cost of dental equipment goes beyond the purchase price. A-dec calls it "Total Cost of Ownership." Think this way:

Acquisition costs + operating costs + maintenance costs
= Total cost of ownership
Finding the right equipment takes a great deal of time and research. Although the initial discussion might be about purchasing prices, consider reliability, maintenance, downtime, part availability, and lead time - all that affect the total cost of ownership. Are you looking for the lowest price or the best long-term value? The answer may have a significant financial impact on your practice.

The value of A-dec equipment is its quality is legendary. In fact, dentists have consistently ranked A-dec as the highest level of reliability, service and value. * When thinking about long-term investments like dental equipment, ask yourself:

Is there any representative of a local manufacturer who will be your long-term partner?
Can you integrate technology today and in the future?
Is the part ready for use after the warranty period?
Has the device been tested for at least 20 years?
A-dec devices may cost an extra day, but due to their superior reliability and performance,
The total cost of ownership is lower in the long run.

The value of professional knowledge
If not properly installed, even the best products in the world do not work well. A-dec than any
Other dental manufacturers invest more in training their authorized resellers, sales and service personnel. With the most areas in this area
Managers, your staff will get timely answers about the correct use and maintenance of the equipment. They can even help you develop your own customized training plan.

Final consideration
A-dec equipment is selected by more than 90% of dental schools and government agencies in the United States and Canada. These buying decisions are usually made by large purchasing boards and often are price-sensitive, often after first-hand evaluation and rigorous examination of these dental instruments. A-dec is not a "cheap" product. However, even with a fixed or very tight budget system, A-dec is selected more often than other brands based on quality, reliability and low cost of ownership. This is only a better total value. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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