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Accurate, Objective, and Safe Diagnostics

The DEXIS ™ CariVu ™ Caries Detector helps me diagnose dental caries with very high accuracy without exposing the patient to ionizing radiation.

It uses transillumination technology - images on the screen are similar to X-rays, enamel is transparent, and porous lesions show dark areas. This is particularly helpful for identifying invisible occlusions, interproximal and recurrent carious lesions and cracks in other imaging methods.

CariVu dental equipment has done four very important areas in my dental clinic.

No ionizing radiation imaging. Some patients are unwilling or unable to accept radiation: pregnant patients, young children, those who have been exposed to radiation, and those who have recently undergone dental X-rays. CariVu's All-In-One series provides important information about the development of dental caries.

X-ray unclear caries lesions and cracks "review." The CariVu image has great advantages when the radiographs on the radiograph are not sufficiently clear for clarity, or if the initial lesion circumvents the interproximal and bends toward the lingual or buccal.

CariVu increases the objectivity, accuracy and safety of my diagnosis.
In the early detection of dental caries. Without CariVu, I'll add a "watch" to the patient's chart, or "educated guesswork" if I see "darkness" in the interproximal area of ​​my teeth. Instead of having dental caries reach the tooth before the next appointment of the patient, I would prefer to have a see-through image showing the carious areas with 99% accuracy, or the underlying structure of the infection may lurk beneath the carious lesions. The CariVu image also shows if I can see a point before treatment and give preventive care. In the process of cleaning, reparative dentin can lead to contamination, sometimes mistaken for dental caries, and CariVu is also an effective check for this condition.

Patient education. Patients are more likely to identify problems on fluoroscopic images. I and my team also appreciate that we can make X-rays difficult by the reflection of a small mouth or mouth.

The dental instruments CariVu images are captured from a cell phone and passed directly into the DEXIS software to be stored with the patient's intraoral x-rays and camera images.

It increases the objectivity, accuracy and safety of my diagnostic process. It also helps to better communicate with patients. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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